Awards 1 - 10

Dateline: Starfleet
DATELINE: STARFLEET #86 Published Stardate 9709.21.

The First Site Featured in the "WWW Suggestion of the Month."

Angel Swan's World of Star Trek
Awarded 9710.

"Your Web site is being recognized with the Angel Swan Award for Star Trek Excellence from 'Angel Swan's Worlds of Star Trek.' It is also being honored with prominent display as a select site under 'Overall Excellence.'"

U.S.S. Renegade
Awarded 9710.

"Very impressive! I really enjoyed the content you have in place so far, and look forward to seeing it when it's completed! It's my pleasure to add your site to the TrekList, in the Archives section, at the rank of Commander. Congratulations!"

Best of Trek
Awarded 9710.

"We're glad to inform you that your Star Trek site has been selected as a winner of the 'Best of Trek' award! Congratulations! And keep up the good work! Itaweb - Best of Trek team"

K'Mels Guide to Klingon Cyberspace
Awarded 9710.

"GREAT SITE!! So much that I have decided to honor you with K'mels Federation Site Honor award."

USS Intrepid
Awarded 9711.

"HELLO! Your site is one of the best Star Trek sites on the internet."

Starbase 261
Awarded 9712.

"Your site has been added to Starbase 261 version 3.0's link section, and rated Intrepid Class!"

Locutus' Borg Award
Awarded 9712.

"Congratulations, your site has won the Locutus' Assimilation Borg Award!"

U.S.S. Uranus
Awarded 9712.

"Well done!"

The Alpha Quadrant
Awarded 9712.

"Congratulations, you have won the Alpha Quadrant Award of Excellence."

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