Awards 101 - 110

The Maquis
Awarded 9807.

"Congratulations! Your Homepage are added to THE MAQUIS (FBInc. Star Trek Page)."

Webnet WebRatings
Awarded 9807.

"Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed by Webnet WebRatings!"

Aida's Star trek Universe
Awarded 9807.

"Congratulations from Aida's Star Trek Universe! You have won the Star Trek Leadership Site Award!"

Lothy's Star Trek
Awarded 9807.

"Your site has been deemed ready for the Delta Quadrant.."

Kahless' Final Frontier
Awarded 9807.

"For having a site that's not only great in content but also in design I award you 'Kahless' Most Honorable Destination Award'"

Anthony J. Lin's Imperium
Awarded 9807.

"Congratulations! Your site has been evaluated and approved!"

The Alcove
Awarded 9807.

"I have reviewed your site and found it to be very well laid out. It has lots of areas to explore and a good number of downloads. Overall this site was fun to view and that's what counts!! You have been awarded Crosis' Top Honors Award."

The Awesome LCARS Layout Awards Homepage
Awarded 9807.

"...I have to say that in the past two months, we have had so many excellent applications, so it was hard to limit it down to a handful; consider yourselves the best of the best for the past two months!"

U.S.S. Prometheus
Awarded 9807.

"Well, Round #12 of The Prometheus Admiral Award Contest is finally over. Congratulations! Your site, The LCARS Federation Databank, is the winner! Since your site is the winner, you are receiving the Prometheus Admiral Award. Your site is also being added to the Prometheus Admiral Award Hall of Fame."

Deep Space Twelve
Awarded 9806.

"Hallo BobaTrek! Excuse me please but my English isn't the very best. The reason of this eMail is, that I have the results of the voting for my award. An the result for your site for the month may is: the page The LCARS: Federation Databank get the Alpha-Quadrant Award in Silver"

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