Awards 111 - 120

Vulcan Language Institute
Awarded 9809.

"We just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent Star Trek website and to bestow an honor on you! Your site has been awarded the Vulcan Language Institute Award of Excellence! Your site is what we consider a mandatory bookmark for all Star Trek fans. Keep up the good work!"

Garak's Tailor Shop
Awarded 9809.

"Hello. You've been rated 'Prometheus Class' by Garak's Tailor Shop."

Dave's Star Trek Database
Awarded 9808.

"Congrats!!!!!!! You really earned this Award. A beautiful page with a lot of original design and pictures."

Lothy's Top 25
Awarded 9808.

Second Place with 106 Points!

Craig's Webpage
Awarded 9808.

"AWARD! I have seen your site and ENJOYED it!"

BSC's Webstation - Star Trek, X-Files, Kylie
Minogue, All Saints and much more
Awarded 9808.

"Hey ... Congratulations! I have decided that I really like your page and that it deserves my award. I give my award to a site because of several reasons: I like this site (very important :) ). It is easy to navigate, clearly arranged and has no broken links. It should also have a good graphics (however that's not necessary). I often give this award to Star Trek pages and it is also a kind of Star Trek award. Nevertheless I give it also to other pages which fulfil the requirements. In general, a site has to be: FASCINATING! - just like your site."

The Starfleet Journal
Site of the Month
Awarded 9807.

"First thing the site has against it is the fact that it has a "splash screen" (a "title" page that takes forever to download). I don't know about you, but splash screens get very old very fast. But once you clear that hurdle, it's all uphill from there. The LCARS layout is great and easy to use -- if your computer and modem can handle it. Those with slower modems (i.e. 28.8 bps or less) and/or older computers may have problems, animated gifs and Java are everywhere. All the links appear to work -- which is a plus.

Not only does the site look good, but it has some actual content to it as well! Both a 'databank' (for those times when you need the specifications for the Enterprise-E) and a download area for sounds, programs, icons, cursors, images, etc. Again, all the links appear to work... that in itself is worth the visit.

This is a fun site for everyone -- it has everything from a list of the autographs the web author has collected to letters from popular Star Trek novel authors. The only drawback I could find was the fact that the site is so image-intensive. If you have a slower connection and are a very impatient person, tough luck. For the rest of us, fly on over and check it out! Maybe you could even win this month's trivia contest!"

Main Engineering
Awarded 9807.

"Your site is currently being featured on Main Engineering."

Trek Ladies
Awarded 9807.

"Congratulations BobaTrek!...... Your outstanding The LCARS: Federation Databank site definitely qualifies for our GOLD Trek Ladies Award. It is a well designed site with informative, entertaining, and easy to access content. Its attractive presentation is enhanced by clever original graphics and great photos. Thanks for this wonderful contribution to our internet community which helps make the web more informative as well as more fun."

Awarded 9807.

"Hello and congratulations! Your very nice and good looking database site won the 'dawnsoft GOLD Award'. You are the second Gold winner in the last 2 months. I like your site. It's good styled and has a lot of good links, downloads and informations."

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