Awards 11 - 20

Fleet Design
Awarded 9712.

"Congratulations on winning the Fleet Design Award!!! The site... was well presented and enjoyable. ...a rating of 3 stars."

The Captain's Yacht
Awarded 9712.

"Congratulations LCARS: A Federation Databank! You have been chosen to win 'The Captain's Yacht Star Trek Site of the Week' award. - This site has one of the best setups I've seen. Excellent interface, cool graphics. A must see definitely."

The Tholian Web
Awarded 9712.

"I have since visited your site, and I must say, it is one of the best Star Trek sites I have ever visited. I love the creative use of the LCARS format, and there aren't too many applets or JavaScript to slow down the loading progress. And, the images are very quick to load. I have therefore decided to award you The Tholian Web Award of Excellence."

OmniPotentBorg's Homepage
Awarded 9712.

"I visited your site and thought it was really good. I have awarded it with my highest honour. Thanks and congratulations!"

Where No One Has Gone Before
Awarded 9712.

The site's images and information are superbly organized, with animations unlike any seen before. I especially like the animation of the Enterprise-E in the database page. Thus, the site is happy and proud to award you with the SOVEREIGN-CLASS rating."

Klingons of the Web
Awarded 9712.

You have definitely earned this award. Congrats....."

4 Bar Award
Awarded 9801.

"Great job on your website! It's one of the best that I've seen in a while. I'm pleased to present you with my highest award, the 4 Bar Site Award, Best of the Net. You should be very proud of your site... and your graphics are the greatest! I thank you for the most enjoyable visit, and I'll be back soon!"

Awarded 9802.

"Sweet page, it meets and beats all Star Trek USA guidlines..."
Site and Image No Longer Available

Starbase 261
Awarded 9802.

"Out of 140 other sites, your site has been selected as site of the month! I have found this site to be loaded with recent information and great downloads, yet it still has a simple easy to use design. And hey, you can even win prizes."

Apply for Final Frontier Award
Awarded 9802.

"I am pleased to say that the site has been awarded the FINAL FRONTIER AWARD. You have quite a database assembled. Design, loading time, accessibility, & contents are all at more than acceptable limits. Whereas other sites have only the surface of the basics, you have mastered what can only be described as beyond perfection."

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