Awards 131 - 140

Federation Database
Federation Database
Awarded 9901.

"Hi! Deine Homepage wurde von zwei verschiedenen Leuten mit unterschiedlicehr Hardware beurteilt. Damit hast Du den Federation Database-Award in Silber gewonnen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch."

Medical Log: Supplemental
Awarded 9812.

"After a thorough review of your site, I am impressed by the depth and breadth of your site. There's simply so much to see, and so much to admire. I am right now listening to the RealAudio broadcast of First Contact. It brings back good memories. Strange how little fanfare is given the Insurrection movie... Your site certainly is a great site, but the nitpick in me has a few things to say. First, the blinking "Federation Databank Online" LCARS bar is really... unnecessary. It distracts my view of the layout and constantly draws my eyes, resist as I might. In fact, there are quite a few of these blinkers. That and that my impression that some of the button colors clash are my only complaints for an otherwise excellent site. Please accept my silver award in appreciation for your quality site. Congratulations. You certainly deserve it."

Awarded 9812.

"All right, you have it!"

UFP Galaxy/International Star Trek Organization
Awarded 9812.

"Congratulations you have won the Starfleet Command Award of Captain. I am very pleased to award you this award. "

U.S.S. Veldran NCC 7897
Awarded 9812.

"I have reviewed your site and have awarded you the Commander Award."

Starbase 001
Awarded 9812.

"Congratulations Webmaster, You have recieved the first ever Starbase 001: Gold Award!"

Starbase 472
Awarded 9810.

"Hallo! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Deine Seite hat den "Starbase 4-7-2 - Gold Award" gewonnen!

Zu Deiner Seite:
+ optisch gut
+ übersichtlich
+ guter Inhalt
- längere Ladezeiten
+ Tricks"

Sector 001
Awarded 9810.

"Congratulations! Your site, LCARS: Federation Databank, has been added to Sector001, the United Space Federation's, Trek Links list. It was ranked at three pips. Sector001's rated sites area is a service we provide for visitors to our site, offering them a guide to the best Star Trek sites on the internet. We believe that your site is of value to the people who use our site, and we believe many of them will want to see what you have to offer."

Starfleet Database
Awarded 9810.

"I'm proud to inform you of your success in my STARFLEET DATABASE Award Contest Round #1!"

Ambassador Spock's Personal Sci-Fi Picks
Awarded 9810.

"Greetings, I have recently started a major "refit" on my site, and, as a result have done away with my "ranked" awards. As a result I am visiting the sites that have won my award and, when indicated, upgrading them to the 3 awards that will be my permanent awards. After visiting your site again, I have upgraded and, included your upgraded award in this e-mail. Your status on my award winners list has been changed to reflect this. Thank you for applying the first time, and, you have an AWESOME SITE.
-Ambassador Spock

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