Awards 151 - 160

Netscape Open Directory
Awarded 9911.

"This is to inform you that the website http://www.LCARSCom.Net/ has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory catagory. Congratulations LCARSCOM.Net!"

Starship Voyager Phase III: Where No One Has Gone Before...
Awarded 9910.

"Dear webmaster of The LCARS: Federation Databank, Your application for the FINAL FRONTIER AWARD has been received. LCARS: Federation Databank has been reviewed and with all considerations taken, it is my pleasure to inform you that your site has passed the evaluation process. Allow me to say a job well done. Content-wise, your site is literally a depository of the best of Trek bits and bytes. Your site is, what I venture to guess, to many as a one-stop location for online Trek entertainment; I've certainly enjoyed playing Trekkeroids myself. You have truly extended the value of all things Trek on the web. Bravo."

Starfleet Honour Awards
Awarded 9910.

"Marks from 4 judges / 4 (One judge was absent).

Comments from each judge: -
I really enjoyed this site, it was informative, entertaining, and interactive. There were just enough graphics, colours and I definitely would visit this site again. -
LCARS Federation Databank is another of the top Star Trek sites on the internet, with a myriad of facts, trivia, and entertaining items related to the Star Trek universe. Its simple yet functional design lends itself to hours of exploration of this database. This is a site you won't want to miss. -
Review not available. -

Leaps and bounds ahead of any site I have reviewed, it is beyond me to suggest any improvements. All I can do is congratulate this site on it's brilliance.

Anyways, your site was 1ST PLACE - CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you enjoyed this round."

Ex Astris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site
Awarded 9909.

"The LCARS: Federation Databank covers virtually all topics of interest in the Star Trek Universe on over 750 pages - according to the webmaster, I quickly gave up counting them - and has loads of pics, sounds and texts. It will probably take days to see everything featured here. Yet, it is more than just a compilation of data from various sources. While many Trek sites use the LCARS layout merely as a nice-looking stylistic element, it plays an important role not only in the name of the LCARS: Federation Databank. The countless custom-made graphics and the additional hints give this site a very distinct character. While animated GIF's are deliberately used for illustration, the absence of "advanced" techniques is pleasant, since they would only slow down the performance, require a certain browser or cause security risks. Well, one exception: a few pages are only visible with Internet Explorer. The monthly contest and the LCARSComNet mailing list are among the features you should check out. If you visit the LCARS: Federation Database, be aware that there is something interesting behind every single link, so don't miss it!"

The Go Network Out of 3
Awarded 9908.

Listed as the LCARS Commumications Network On InfoSeek and The Go Network "The site features a comprehensive database containing information on the episodes and movies, the omega directive, technical data, rules of aquisition, ship specifications, bookstore, download gallery and news."

Starfleet Honour Awards
Awarded 9908.

"Congratulations Sean P. Stephenson! Your site, LCARSCOM.NET has won the "Legion of Honour" from the Starfleet Honour Awards."

LCARS Star Trek Federation Place
Awarded 9908.

"I´ve taken a look at your site and here´s my opinion:

1. For your offers you will become 5 Stars. A lot of information, clearly arranged.
2. For the graphical getup you receive 5 Stars.Good Star Trek-like graphics, some ONMOUSEOVER effects, Java Scripts and so on...
3. For the speed you will become 5 Stars, too. Its fast enough..

You will receive the FEDERATION PLACE GALAXY CLASS AWARD with five of five stars.."

The Federation Starship Datalink
Awarded 9907.

"LCARS is one of the most largest and comprehensive sites on the net. Not only is the information great, but so are the pics, wavs and programs. This is type of site I'd recommend to anyone interested in Star Trek."

Star Trek:Enterprise
Awarded 9907.

"To the Web-master of The LCARS: Federation Databank. I have reviewed your site and I present to you Star Trek Enterprise's Gold Award. Your site is huge and almost impossible to go through in a day. But I was able to go through most of it and I liked it allot. Your LCARS layout is just right. Nothing too complex. The only thing that I didn't like was that window that kept popping up asking me if I wished to download the comet cursor on every page. But above all your site is great and worthy of the Gold award.

This is how your site was scored:

Style 95%
Originality 90%
Content 100%
Devotion 100%

Score - 96.25"

MJ's Star Trek Web Site
Awarded 9906.

"I have been by your site many times in the past and I have always been impressed with all of the content and the presentation of this site. I have been envious of it since I first found it two or three months ago. For this reason, and many that are too numerous to list, I am granting you a special award that I give only on my discretion. The award cannot be applied for, thus your application is voided and instead, you will receive this special award as a token of my appreciation for your efforts. I have granted you the special rank of Fleet Captain. Yours is only one of four sites so far that I have evaluated which truly earn this rank. Your site features content that is not available on any other site I have been to in all of the two years I have been surfing. I would dare say some of it isn't even available on the Star Trek Continuum, which makes your site all that much more special."

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