Awards 171 - 180

Awarded 10005.

"I am Rubik of Borg... You have won the RUBIK MILLENNIUM AWARD for the month of April, 2000 - We are the Borg; You must comply."

The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers : The Complete Guide to Everything Star Trek Online
Awarded 10005.

"This ... is 'official notification' that LCARS - Federation Databank is now mentioned 'in print!' That's right, your web site is mentioned in The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers! The first edition of this book sold out, and so now we've released a revised edition! The new version includes additions, updates, and an easy to use index.

In addition, your web site is one of only 51 out of 2000 to be marked as a must see Star Trek site!"

SyFy World
Awarded 10004.

"Congratulations on winning the SyFy World Spacial Fissure Website Award!! Only the best sites are given this award, and the The LCARS Computer Network is one of those sites! Please display the attached award PROUDLY on your website!"

The Gateway
Awarded 10004.

Starfleet Command
Awarded 10003.

"Congratulations, Your site won the Starfleet Command Gold Award!"
Design: 14 points
Navigation: 13 points
Content: 14 points
Speed: 12 points
Defect Links: none
Defect Photos: none
Summary: 53 points = Starfleet Command Gold Award

Awarded 10002.

"I am pleased to let you know that your site was given a GOLD award by the Prommie award judges."

The Omega LCARS Database
Awarded 10002.

"Since I use your site for bits and bites all the time I would like to award you with: Gold, for outstanding achievements."

Starfleet Special Forces
Awarded 10001.

"Congratulations LCARS: Federation Databank Online: After carefull revuew of your website, you have been given the Award for the Rank of Admiral!"

Awarded 10001.

"I have recently designed several awards to be presented from my site and I would like to present your site with one of mine."

MJ's Star Trek Web Site
Awarded 10001.

"Hello Sean: I would like to congratulate you on being one of 3 recipients of the MJ's Star Trek Web Site year 2000 Choice Award. Among the many Star Trek sites I have seen over the last year, yours is one of the very best out there. Along with Steve's Trek Page, and Star Trek Singularity, The LCARS Federation Databank should be proud to be considered one of my favorite pages, for content, form and effort on your part. Congratulations."

-Michael Angelo, III, Webmaster, MJ's Star Trek Web Site

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