Awards 181 - 190

The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae
Awarded 10010.

"Congratulations, Sean! The LCARS Computer Network has won the monthly 'Explosive Site Award' from The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae.

"As I told you before, I've visited LCARSComNet for more than a year now. It's definitely one of the high-quality sites out there. Both you attention to detail and the sheer scope of your material deserves praise.

"I highly recommend LCARS to any fan who has a serious interest in the show. There's enough to satisfy even the pickiest fanatic."

TrekScripts--Star Trek IRC Chat Programs
Awarded 10010.

"I'm writing you to let you know that I was so impressed with your site that I have you featured as Featured Star Trek Site for the month of October."

Tango Fleet
Awarded 10009.

"Congratulations! The Tango Fleet Advertising Bureau Administartors, on behalf of the Ferengi Merchant's Society, are proud to bestow upon your site, 'LCARSCom.Net', the award of 5 Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum."

The Starfleet Database
Awarded 10009.

"Congratulations, you have won the TSD Award rank Admiral! Your layout and information is great! Keep Going!"

Cmdr Tomalak's
Awarded 10009.

"Your site is a well thought out piece of work and is near perfect example of what a true Star Trek site should be. A thrilling experience to enjoy every time one visits. Congratulations!"

Central Command
Awarded 10008.

"I have reviewed your site and found it to be outstanding."

Will's Star Trek Page
Awarded 10008.

"Congrats! Your site is awesome! It's won the award."

Kronos One
Awarded 10008.

"I am pleased to announce that your site was succesful in being awarded the Kronos One Golden Dragon!

This award is reserved for those sites that show exceptional quality above and beyond other Star Trek sites.

From the use of Flash on the front page, to the outstanding quality layout and graphics, the website design is certainly one of the best I have seen. This is all backed up by some truly excellent content, as well as all the extra special services for visitors to your site. You have clearly put alot of effort into this website!"

Awarded 10007.

"You have been awarded the PJ AWARD rank admiral for website exelence..."

MULTI VECTOR Prommie Award
Awarded 10005.

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