Awards 91 - 100

Timton's Guide to Star Trek Voyager
Awarded 9806.

"Contrats, you have just one the Timton Voyager Site of the Week award."
Site No Longer Avaialble

The Voyager LCARS
Awarded 9806.

"Congratulations, you are the winner of the second week of the Voyager LCARS featured site program... Enjoy!"

Quark's Bar
Awarded 9806.

"I have decided to award your site with 4 Quark's out of 4."

Awarded 9806.

"This Sight is very well presented and enjoyable, I really like what you have done to it. It is a true 1 of a kind web page."

Caine's Star Trek
Awarded 9806.

"You have an excellent site, therefore you have been deemed worthy of receiving the award."

The Sceience Fiction Continuum
Awarded 9806.

"Greetings. After reviewing the nominiees (I had 14 submitted). I have made my decision.

The LCARS Federation Databank has won the June Special PMOT! Ahem...........(changing to my "Official: voice :-)
To all who see these Presents, GREETINGS! This is to certify that the president of the Science Fiction Continuum (The SFCOM) of Phoenix, AZ. Has awarded the LCARS Federation Databank the Special Presidential Medal of TREK!

For: Superior workmanship and design of a Star Trek web page. The LCARS Federation Database is a very functional, well designed, and easy to use site with excelent graphics, pic's, gif's, info, and wav files. As well as a solid reputation as one of the net's premier sites. To this end I have awarded the June 1998 Special PMOT! to your site. Signed under my hand, in the city of Phoenix, AZ. This 2nd day of June, 1998

John O. Nelson
President, The SFCOM
Phoenix, AZ"

Cruzeiro do Sul Headquarters
Awarded 9806.

"Greetings Cmdr ...I visited your site The LCARS: Federation Databank (" and I was impressed by the improvements made. So, for what I saw your site is worth... our 'TOP' rank , which is the highest pontuation I can give to a site."

Starfleet Academy
Awarded 9805.

"Congratulations! Your site has won the 'SFA Gold Award'!"

Area 001: Command Center
Awarded 9805.

"...after visiting your site, I have decided to give you the Area 001: Award of Excellence. Your site is very good and I can see you have dedicated your time and effort to it. You demonstrate that the Star Trek Legacy will continue throughout the ages."

Data2's Domain
Awarded 9805.

"Congratulations! You have recieved the Lieutenant Commanader Data Award of Excellence! Your use of LCARS is fantastic!!"

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