by Robert Morganbesser


The Supreme Dalek was an imposing figure. A half-meter taller than his followers, his travel unit was a glossy menacing black. Many beings had his menacing visage as their last sight. It had been at his order that the scientific cadre of the Daleks had been commanded to find a new way to defeat their organic enemies. Conquest and enslavement of others were the Daleks reason for existence. It had always been that way and always would. At one time an organic race, the Daleks had been the Kaleds. Deliberately mutated after centuries of war on Skaro, they were now small clawed lumps of protoplasm. Practically immune to radiation, they were if a race could be, evil. Utterly and irrevocably. The creations of the mad genius of Davros, his legacy of hate lived on in them. Their opponents in the war, the Thals, had also been mutated during the war, but they had been mutated into beings of perfection. Currently there were no Thals on Skaro. They had been driven off to settle a new world. But they were still a thorn in the Daleks sides. Many Thals were slaves in the Daleks tarranium mines, for without this element, their time machines and now, their dimension bender, would not work.

"Have the others contacted us again?" The Supreme Daleks voice was grating, like nails on a blackboard, or metal being drilled.

A grey Dalek, one of the scientific cadres, spun. "Affirmative. They wish to speak to you."


The voice the came out of the speaker would have chilled the heart of any Federation member. Emotionless, with a hollow echo, it was the voice of fear. "We are the Borg. Why have you contacted us?"

"We are the Daleks. We are speaking across a dimensional barrier. We wish to speak of alliance."

"We are the Borg. We do not ally. We assimilate. All will service the Borg."

The Supreme Dalek looked at the speaker with its eyestalk. For a moment it was silent, then shrieked, "Incorrect. The Daleks are the supreme beings in this reality! We know of your losses in your recent war. We speak of alliance for your benefit as well as ours."

"Speak." The Borg voice was softer now; as if being reminded of the lost war against Fluidic space had tamed them.

The Supreme Dalek looked at its scientists. "Disable external sensors. What I speak of is not for others." Once they complied, the leader of the malevolent beings began to speak. When it was done an alliance of pure evil and fear had been formed.

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