by Robert Morganbesser


The area of space was empty. The nearest system was a dead one, it's habitants long ago assimilated, the natural resources of the remaining worlds torn away to be used by the Borg. One ship hung there, a Borg triangle. One of the newer ships, it was smaller than most, with a crew of 1000 drones. Curiosity brought the cybernetic race to this area. The Daleks had known much about them, but they knew nothing in return. The Borg had searched their enormous database and come up empty. This led to what organic beings would call unease, but the Borg would never admit to that.

Space shimmered and glowed for a brief moment, a kaleidoscope of colors like a nebula being born. When it cleared, an ugly, disc shaped ship had appeared. At once the ship sent a message. "We are the Daleks. We wish to send a party aboard your vessel."

The Borg was silent then, "Proceed." If the Borg had any fear of the Daleks, they didn't show it. An opening appeared in the side of the ship, which, even though smaller than the regular Borg vessels, was still big enough to dock the entire Dalek ship.

With a shimmer of reaction engines, the saucer entered the prepared area. As soon as it had, the portal closed as if it had never existed.

The Dalek saucer landed in a large area that had recently been cleared. Pipes carrying coolant, large pieces of machinery, all rearranged themselves at the wish of the collective. Once the ship landed and the main hatch opened a platoon of drones appeared. Forming up at the end of the ramp that was extending from the Dalek ship, they stood and waited.

The first of the grey Daleks slid down the ramp, eyestalk moving back and forth. In a grating voice, it called out "Who is the leader among you?" Several red and blue Daleks, the security force of the ship, followed their leader out.

The Grey Dalek slid up to the first of the drones. Once it had been an Andorian, it's dark blue skin still showing in places that the prosthetics did not cover. It's antenna still jutted from its skull, their fragile beauty ruined by implants.

"Are you the leader?" The Dalek was losing its patience. Next to it, the Red and Blue Daleks waved their gun sticks in a menacing way. While they were both masters of and dependent on technology, at the heart of every Dalek was an organic being of great malevolence. Unknown to them, the Borg were scanning their erstwhile allies and finding them lacking.

"We are the Borg. State your designation and purpose."

The Grey Dalek swiveled its eyestalk. The drone's lips had not moved, yet it had heard the message. Turning to its security detail, the Grey sent a message for them to be prepared. It had a feeling of unease and was beginning to think that the Supreme Dalek had erred this time.

Backing away slightly, the Grey allowed its security force to be between it and the drones. Speaking in an irritated (the normal Dalek tone) voice, it said, "I am the Chief Scientist of the Daleks. We seek an alliance with you."

"We are the Borg. We do not ally. We assimilate. All will serve the Borg."

With a suddenness that startled the Daleks, the drones, arms upraised began moving forward. The Grey Dalek shouted out, "Exterminate!" Not waiting to see if its orders were carried out, the Grey fled for the ship. Behind it, the Red and Blue Daleks were fighting what was about to become a losing battle. Gunsticks erupting, the first line of drones was blown backwards, their organic components fried. As their smoking bodies fell to the deck, two more lines of drones entered. Falling back toward the ship, whose hatches were sealed the security Daleks planned to sell their lives dearly!

As five more drones went down, the amazing Borg technology came into play. The shields adapted, rendering the Dalek weapons useless. The first of them to fall was attacked by a Borg with a cutting tool on one arm. Raising it's arm it brought the tool down on the dome. With a squeal of metal and a flash of sparks, the saw cut right through to the Dalek inside. With a shriek, the Dalek self destructed, killing itself and blowing the Borg's arm off.

The others were not so lucky. Squealing, "Stay back! Stay back!" They were surrounded. The drones began the assimilation process. Tubules carrying nano-probes pierced the casing of the Daleks and entered the beings within. Within moments it was over. The Daleks were now part of the collective. They would now be known as Species 9942.

Inside the saucer, the Grey Dalek was contacting his superior. Using the dimensional relay, a communication's beam was crossing realities. In seconds, the Supreme Dalek appeared. "Report."

"We are betrayed! My security force is being overwhelmed. The Borg are untrustworthy. They wish to conquer us." The ship shook as the Borg began to assimilate it.

"Not acceptable!" Shrieked the Supreme Dalek, "The Daleks are the supreme beings in the universe. This betrayal will be revenged. You are ordered to self-destruct! The Borg will be exterminated! Exterminated!"

"I obey." With a shuddering roar, the Grey detonated the Dalekenium bombs held within the ship. But it was too late. The Borg had, on the data from the assimilated Daleks known of this plan and ejected the Dalek ship into space. The Grey's sacrifice had been for nothing.

On Skaro, the Supreme Dalek was in a rage. "We have been betrayed. Prepare a fleet! The Borg will pay for this! They shall be exterminated! Exterminated!"

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