by Robert Morganbesser


The Dalek's came upon and destroyed two more Borg scout ships. Three ships destroyed in one day! This information shook the collective to their core. Nothing like this had happened since their failed foray into fluidic space! Fifteen thousand drones gone in the blink of an eye. Swiftly, the Borg mobilized. This threat must be neutralized as fast as possible. Within seconds of the command going out, the Borg began sending vessels in the direction of the invaders. To negotiate was never contemplated. The Borg did not negotiate or make treaties, they conquered, they assimilated. All would become one with the Borg. There was no other way.

On the command saucer, the lead Dalek, a shimmering platinum in color, his two Gunsticks at ease, stared through his eyestalk at the time destructor. Since the Borg would not ally themselves with their superiors, they would be destroyed to their very beginnings. The Time destructor would see to that!

The saucer's pilot, in its control pod, called out an alert. "Sensors indicate one ship approaching. It is not of Borg configuration."

"Challenge it. All must obey the Daleks!"

"I obey."

On the Voyager, Harry looked up from his console. "We're being commanded to communicate by the Daleks."

Janeway made a wry face. "B'Elanna, Seven, are the new shields ready?"

B'Elanna breathless, replied, "As ready as ever. Until they fire, we won't know."

"That'll have to do, " said Chakotay. "Open a channel, Captain?"

"Do it."

The Command Dalek appeared on screen. "Surrender or be exterminated."

Janeway looked taken aback. Sideways to Chakotay she said, "Not much for conversation, are they?"

The Doctor stood in the back, to the left of the screen. He didn't want his enemies to see him too soon. That might make the current communication that much more difficult.

"I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship, Voyager. State your purpose in invading our space."

This set the command Dalek off. "We are the Daleks, we do not obey others, we command! Prepare to be boarded or destroyed!"

Janeway glanced at Chakotay who said, "Could be the Borg's cousins. Bad attitudes and all."

A light on Janeway's panel lit up. Tuvok was signaling her that weapons were charged and locked on.

Janeway smiled slightly. "Go back where you came from and there won't be any trouble."

"Exterminate them!"

The rainbow colored beam erupted out of the Dalek saucer. It hit Voyager and slid off and around the ship. The Chronoton filled shields were working - so far.

As usual, it was Tuvok who had the bad news. "Shields are down to seventy percent. At this rate, we will survive two more shots."

"Captain, we've got trouble!" Harry's voice sounded, for the first time in over a year, panicked.

"What now?" demanded Chakotay.

"Multiple Borg..."

Before Harry could finish, fifteen Borg cubes, ranging from the largest to a scout came out of transwarp.

Janeway looked at the Doctor. "Now we've got trouble."

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