Android Computer Interface Experiment

Mission Operations
Sciences II
Ship's Log

Researched And Compiled By Chief Records Officer
Lieutenant Commander Edgar Plummer

Captain's Log, Stardate 46271.5: The Enterprise has entered orbit of Deinonychus VII. With our scheduled rendezvous with the supply ship Biko has been delayed for another 48 hours. In the meantime, many members of the crew are taking advantage of the delay to pursue their own projects, myself included.

Data / Engineering Interface Project:
In theory, Data's neuronet systems should be able to act as an emergency backup for the ships engineering computer, and should be able to maintain ships systems until primary control is restored. If possible we may even be able to run some secondary systems through Data, weapons control, sensor inputs and life support.

The first attempt at such an interface resulted in an unexpected side effect, the ships core memory was dumped and Data's database was uploaded and merged with the Enterprise computer holodeck database resulting in Data taking on the characteristics of holographic characters and holographic characters taking on Data's characteristics for a short period of time.

Captain's Log, Supplemental: Commander LaForge and Mister Data believe they have found the cause of the mysterious malfunction which has been plaguing the ship.

Chief Engineer's Log, Supplemental: We think our interface experiment may have caused one of the computers core subroutines to be altered. When the interface malfunction occurred interface C47 was replaced by elements of Data's personal programming. We are currently attempting to isolate the corrupt circuit pathways, the process should take no more than two standard hours. We initiated a progressive memory purge to restore Data's files and the ships recreational database.

Captain's Log, Stardate 46278.3: Both Commander Data and the ship's computer have been restored to normal operation. Our rendezvous with the supply ship Biko has preceded as planed.

Status: Closed.

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