bajoran The Bajorans

The Bajorans are a humanoid civilisation from the planet Bajor, located in the Alpha Quadrant. After the Cardassian withdrawal of Bajor during the 2360's the planet's inhabitants have attempted to rebuild their planet with the help of the Federation.

The Bajorans are a deeply spiritual and cultural race that was already flourishing nearly 500,000 years ago, well before Human life could even walk upright. The history of Bajor is filled with many great architects, artists, musicians, builders, and philosophers. Approximately ten thousand years ago the Bajorans discovered an alien object which became known as an orb, a gift from their Gods, or prophets. From then on, every one thousand years saw an additional orb appearing in a hazardous area of space known as the Denorios Belt. Nine orbs were collected in total, each varying in their ability to provide the user with visions of varying purposes. The 'orbs of the prophets' led the Bajorans to develop a strong spiritual way of life with religious leaders playing an important part in the planets political affairs. The planet itself, however, is led by a government elected by the population, itself led by a First Minister.

For thousands of years, the Bajorans were known as peaceful beings whose planet had an abundance of natural resources. Unfortunately, the Cardassians also realised the potential of the planet's minerals and they gradually invaded the planet under a flag of peace. The Cardassians eventually took control of Bajor forcing the inhabitants to either leave or live in poverty and slavery.

Bajor suffered immensely during this occupation and many of the cities were destroyed and historical and religious treasures stolen. The land was systematically stripped of all resources leaving the planet in a state of decay and destruction. However, in 2369, a Federation treaty placed Bajor just outside Cardassian space and Bajor was abandoned along with the orbiting mining station Terok Nor, later renamed Deep Space Nine and repositioned next to a newly discovered stable wormhole. The wormhole is later found to be the origins of the aforementioned orbs and confirmed as the Celestial Temple ( the place where their Gods dwell ) by Bajoran religious leaders.

Bajorans, after an unsettling first few years with the Federation, have became valued allies soon to one day gain full membership. During the years that follow the Cardassian withdrawal, Bajor attempted to rebuild their shattered world with the Federation giving aid in the form of industrial replicators and medical and technological aid.

Jewellery plays a large symbolic role for the Bajorans, most of whom wear an ornamental earring in their right ear. Many Bajoran customs have had to be forgotten about in order to mix in with other cultures after being forced from their home-world. Some Bajoran customs include the pronunciation of their family name followed by his or her given name. Many Bajorans have abandoned this custom to make life easier.

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