General information
Name: Borg cube
Class: Main battleship
Captain: Collective

Technical specifications
Length: 6440m (4 miles)
Width: 6440m
Height: 6440m
Crew: ca 100,000 Shuttles
Shuttles: 1 escapesphere

Weapon systems
Primary weapons: Energy and tractor beams
Secondary weapons: Torpedos (only some cubes)
Defensive systems: Can adapt to weapon frequency what renders them ineffective

Energy and propulsion systems
Max cruise warp speed: Transwarp

Ship / Class History:
The Borg Cube is the Ultimate expression of Functionality and Design. They are the most feared vessel in our Galaxy, sending chills down Jem Hadar spines and instilling fear though the Alpha Quadrant. One Borg Cube could be considered unstoppable by the Federations standards and for what can only be referred to as a miracle the Federation have survived two invasions by the Borg. It has also transpired that the Romulan Empire has had several incidents with the Borg also, however the results of these are mostly unknown.

The Federation have been fortunate enough to capture a Borg Vessel (I, Borg) and from preliminary results the Daystrom Institute have indicate that it could be decades before even the basic functions of the ship can be understood. The Major problem is that the Central Computer of the vessel is missing as it is the Borg themselves that are the 'brains' behind the ship. Working as a collective the Borg are able to carry out all ship functions including a near organic repair of their vessels. In essence what the Borg Thinks - Happens. The nearest comparison would be Jem Hadar vessels with the neural interface system used to pilot the vessel, however in reality it would be comparing a Sovereign Class Starship to a Constitution Class Starship.

Another frightening aspect to the Cube is its ability to 'assimilate' anything it comes in contact with. The ship is capable of scooping entire colonies from planets leaving no trace. The Metal, organic life forms and technology are, within a matter of hours integrated into the Borg vessel, refueling it and preparing it to move on. It also has the ability to assimilate starships, the living metal of the ship surrounding and tearing apart the helpless vessel. Starfleet Intelligence has come to understand that the Borg Cube is potetially the single largest threat to Federation security in its entire history. The Vessel can function at 100% of Norm even if 79% of it has been destroyed, it can adapt at frightening speed rendering new weapons redundant within a matter of shots and it is near unstoppable.

The Cube does have a number of previously unknown weaknesses. The vessel central power net, if located precisely can be sent into a feedback cycle by constant bombardment. The Cube will in essence self destruct.Its sheer size although probably its strongest point is also another weakness. With recent advances in weaponry by the Federation, such as the Tri-Cobalt device and the Heavy Graviton Based Plasma Driver Starships are now able to exploit the size of the ship as "an easy target".Even with all of these advances though the factor still remain that previous battle tactics were pure luck and the Borg are the Unstoppable Force.

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