Bussard Ramscoop

Bussard Ramscoop

Named for the 20th century physicist and mathematician Robert W. Bussard, the Bussard Ramscoop is capable of collecting low-grade interstellar matter through a series of high-energy magnetic coils.

A Bussard collector is found at the forward end of each of the warp drive nacelles.

The assembly consists of three main elements: an ionizing beam emitter (IBE, which charges neutral particles in space), a magnetic field generator / collector (MFG/C, a set of coils that cast a magnetic "net" ahead of the ship and pull in the charged particles ), and the continuous cycle fractionator (CCF, which separates the incoming gases).

The interstellar matter collected can be used as fuel in the event a deuterium tanker cannot reach the ship for normal refueling.

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