When Leadership Is Challenged:

"Darkness will fall. Enemies will circle us 'round and 'round, their swords as numerous as the trees of the forest. But we will not yeild. We will wear faces of fire."

"Faces Of Fire"

1) Pertains to the quality of determination - in other words, if one's strength of will is great enough, he can surmount any obstacle. 2) A reference to one's skill at deception. An admonition to remain circumspect in all one's dealings - particularly with one's enemies, or potential enemies.

"When one's emporer commands, all other loyalties become secondary. When one's emporer commands, no sacrifice is too terrible, no price to great."

"Watch your back. Friends may become enemies in less time than it takes to draw a dagger."

"It's easier to defend oneself with two hands than with one."

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