• USS Armstrong
    Ambushed by a Klingon battle group in 2373 and took heavy damage; docked at DS9 formedical aid.
    Named for Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on Earth's moon.
    "Apocalypse Rising" -DS9

  • USS Buran
    Destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359 in 2367.
    Named for the Russian space shuttle, which also means "snowstorm."
    "Best of Both Worlds, part II" - TNG

  • USS Challenger
    Prototype. Would have participated in Operation Retrieve.
    Named in honor of the space shuttle Challenger that was destroyed in 1986 killing all of it'screw.
    "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"

  • USS Kearsarge
    Scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D in 2370, however postponed.
    Named for the American aircraft carrier that recovered the Freedom Seven space craft.
    "Firstborn" - TNG

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