by Robert Morganbesser

Chapter Three

The cube shaped ship had appeared out of nowhere. With its appearance had come a dire warning. "We are the Borg, you will lower your defenses and prepare to be assimilated."

The small rouge moon, millions of light years away from its home system, had tried to negotiate, to bargain, finally to understand. When this had failed, they had launched their ships, multi-purpose vehicles not really designed for battle but pressed into service. The ships, ten of them, called 'Eagles', lasted all of six minutes. One by one they were either blown out of space or trapped in a tractor beam and drawn into the great cube.

The commander of the base, John Koenig, was not one to give up without a fight. He ordered the defense lasers brought on line. Three heavy duty, multi-purpose weapons, the use of these bought the denizens of Moonbase Alpha five more minutes of life. One by one they were scooped from the battered surface of the moon and absorbed by the cube.

Then the cubes began to methodically cut into the base with beams that were so powerful; the primitive sensors of the base couldn't record how much energy was being expended. Enemy aliens began appearing at random throughout the base, capturing men and women and taking them away. Koenig, Dr. Russell and a few support personnel barricaded themselves inside the command center. Koenig, sweat pouring off his face (life support was down, destroyed by a cutting beam) waited behind his desk, a laser pistol in each hand. The attack came without warning. Three of the enemy appeared, shrugged off Koenig's laser blasts and grabbed Russell. "Helena!" Koenig screamed as tubules burst out of one drones hand and into her check. Instantly she began transforming into one of them. Blisters appeared on her skin, erupting in biomechanical constructs. She lay there, quivering and quaking as she began to change, her once lovely face becoming pallid and misshapen as the left side of her head sprouted tentacles and her eye changed…

Koenig lurched to the desk even as another drone was reaching for him and grabbing a handle yanked it. On the opposite side of the moon, carefully placed rods that had been controlling the dangerous build up of radiation in the nuclear waste, received a radio signal that activated small charges. These charges shot the rods up and away from the waste sites, allowing the build up to continue unchecked.

Koenig screamed as the tubules entered his back. But he had one final moment to look at the sensors that monitored the dangerous reaction on the other side of the moon. It was climbing steadily. Even as his conscience became one with the Borg, he knew he'd won.

The lost moon of Terra erupted and shattered like a glass egg as the years of build up in the nuclear waste sights erupted. Of the Alphans, thirty-two were all ready on the cube, which was unharmed by the shattered bits of the moon it's shields easily deflected. All the others, including Commander Koenig and Dr. Russell, were now part of the rapidly expanding gas cloud that had once been the Earth's moon.

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