by Robert Morganbesser

Chapter Nine

Obi-Wan and Delenn were crossing one of the plaza's in Minbar when the air was split by an interminable noise. The Jedi moved faster than a Minbari warrior, his light saber up and out as a blue box appeared. Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed while he kept himself between Delenn and the box. Once fully materialized the noise stopped and a door opened on it. Out came a smiling, homely-faced man with a huge scarf and floppy hat. Hands out stretched in a gesture of peace; he grinned and said, "I come in peace."

Obi-Wan reached out gently with the force. He could feel no malice in this man, just an overwhelming curiosity. Holstering his blade he nodded to Delenn. "It's safe."

But it actually wasn't. Across the plaza, behind the small box hid Darth Chengyi. A tall being with a blue skin marred by yellow tattoos, he stared through his one eye at the Jedi, his enemy and the two strange beings. Touching his belt to make sure his two light daggers were there, he stealthily advanced.

"Who are you?" Asked Delenn, instantly curious about this new visitor. If only John could be here! She thought. But he was off with one of the White Star fleet, seeking more information about the Shadows.

"I am the Doctor." Then he began explaining about the quantum boundaries between realities and how they were on the danger of collapse. They had to be repaired and swiftly.

Obi-Wan rubbed his chin. "So my coming here was part of this collapse?"

The Doctor nodded. "Yes, I am able to travel between the realities, in fact, was ordered to do so, by being in a state of inter-dimensional flux. Once the rifts are closed, some have already been so, there will be no more incursions."

Delenn was about to ask a question when the Jedi's saber flashed to life and he moved forward, blade up to block another. Obi-Wan moved the Doctor aside with the gentlest push of the Force, blocking Chengyi's move. The Sith backed off, each hand holding a short, double bladed saber. Where Obi-Wan's glowed a blue/white, the Sith's blades were dark purple. Both weapons buzzed angrily.

"I will take your life, Jedi, then I will bring the rule of the Sith here!"

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed as he saw the device on the Sith's belt. Touching it with the force, he knew it would open a gate to take him home. Smiling slightly he said, "You've been trying to kill me for two years, Chengyi. What makes you think" Before he finished the sentence, Kenobi moved, slashing three times in such succession that Delenn and the Doctor could follow the exchange. Chengyi blocked the moves - barely. Backing off the blue skinned alien bared yellowish fangs, dripping with venom at his opponent. Kenobi knew better than to get close enough to let his enemy spit at him. Cautiously the two warriors moved around each other, looking for an opportunity to strike. Chengyi leapt in, both blades slashing. Kenobi backed off; using the force to unsteady his opponent then slashed up. With a howl, one of Chengyi's arms was slashed off at the elbow spinning away to hit the Doctors box and slide to the floor. Kenobi didn't hesitate. Moving in he shoved his blade through the Sith's chest, destroying his heart, then wrenched it down, destroying his secondary heart. With a gurgle of escaping air, the Sith fell to the ground, dead.

Deactivating his weapon, Obi-Wan took the strange device off his former opponent's belt. "I think this will get me home."

The Doctor appalled as always at the ease that violence can occur, nodded. "But you have to take him with you. That will close this rift."

Obi-Wan made a gesture and the arm he'd severed floated to land on its former owner's body. Delenn put a hand on the Jedi's shoulder. She could feel that he had great trials ahead. "Take care, Obi-Wan."

The Jedi smiled. He knew that Delenn had trials of her own to face. "Farewell, Delenn." Placing a foot on the Sith's corpse, he pressed the button and was in the depths of Coruscant. A kneeling Anakin came to his feet, saber armed. "Master! What happened to you?"

Obi-Wan smiled. "Help me with this, and I'll tell you all about it."

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