by Robert Morganbesser


In their own realities, there were several changes. The Battlestar Galactica would never reach earth, and their sister world would never know of the tragic end to their long journey. Nor would the Cylons ever discover the planet that held the last human civilization in that part of the Galaxy. During their long hunt of the Galactica, the robotic enemies of humanity encountered a metal eating virus. By the time they were aware of it, it was too late, the Cylons were gone. They would never know that a simple human antibiotic could have saved them.

In the reality where Moonbase Alpha came from, the moon would never be discovered, nor would its fate ever be revealed. Eventually humans would terraform Mars and Venus and live there, leaving Earth abandoned.

The Ark took with it the last of humanity from Earth. In that reality, humanity was gone, a dead race, the supernova of Earth's sun destroying any vestige that humans had ever existed.

In the Bajoran system, the Enterprise would take several days leave before departing to McKinley Station Earth for needed upgrades and repairs. Sisko and Picard would play some dom-jot and talk. They might never be close, but they had healed some of the rifts between them.

The Doctor would slip into his TARDIS and as usual, avoid any accolades for his work in keeping the universe safe. More adventures awaited him, whether he wanted them or not.

Obi-Wan would become a great Jedi and see the fall of the Republic he lived. He would also be haunted by his greatest failure.

And the Family Robinson would finally reach Alpha Centauri. A small settlement of other colonists from Earth would greet them and be amazed at their exploits of the past fifteen years. Of Dr. Smiths plots and evils, they, at the insistence of Will would say nothing.

And the Universe would go on.

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