• USS Danube
    Prototype mentioned in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual

  • USS Gander
    Destroyed by Jem'Hadar over Goralis in 2375.
    Its name is unclear since it was pronouced by Erzi and Sisko it sounded like Ganda andGander.
    "Penumbra" - DS9

  • USS Ganges
    One of the first runabouts assigned to DS9. The Ganges was destroyed by a T'Lanimunitions cruiser in 2370.
    The Ganges was named after the river in northern India and eastern Pakistan that is 1,560miles long from the Himalayas and Bay of Bengal.
    "Past Prologue" - DS9, "Armageddon Game" - DS9

  • USS Mekong
    The Mekong was destroyed in the aftermath of the disastrous Cardassian-Romulan attackon the Founders' homeworld in 2371.
    It was named after the river in southeast Asia that flows south to the China Sea.
    "Playing God" - DS9, "The Die is Cast" - DS9

  • USS Orinoco
    Destroyed in 2372 by a Cardassian separatist group called The True Way.
    The Orinoco was named for the 1,700 mile long river in Venezuela.
    "The Siege" - DS9, "Our Man Bashir" - DS9

  • USS Rio Grande
    One of the first runabouts assigned to DS9. Crash landed on a Class L planet but wassalvaged.
    Named after the river bordering Texas and Mexico. The only runabout to survive all sevenseasons for Deep Space Nine.
    "Emissary" - DS9, "The Ascent" - DS9

  • USS Rubicon
    Assigned to DS9 in 2371. The Rubicon was forced to make and emergency landing onBopak III after hit by a Jem'Hadar subspace magneton pulse. The Rubicon was destroyed inthe Romulan-Cardassian attack on the Dominion.
    Named after the river in Italy that was of strategic importance to Caesar in 49 BC.
    "Family Business" - DS9, "Hippocratic Oath" - DS9, "The Die is Cast" - DS9

  • USS Shenendoah
    In 2374 Worf and Dax took the Shenendoah went on a mission to extract a Cardassiandeflector from the Dominion base on Soukara. Nog and Jake Sisko used the Shenendoah todeliver a diplomatic message to Grand Nagus Zek. The Shenendoah was saved by the USSValiant while being attacked by Jem'Hadar fighters.
    "Change of Heart" - DS9, "Valiant" - DS9

  • USS Volga
    In 2372 Kira, Bashir and Keiko O'Brien used the Volga in a 3-day botanical survey of ToradIV. The Volga was to have been used in a massive response to an anticipated Dominioninvasion in 2373.
    The Volga is the longest river in Europe. It flows over 1,900 miles from its source in theValdai Hills, northwest of Moscow. It empties into the Caspian Sea below Astrakhan.
    "Body Parts" - DS9, "By Inferno's Light" - DS9

  • USS Yangtzee Kiang
    One of DS9's first runabouts, it was destroyed in a crash on a penal-colony moon in theGamma Quadrant. Kai Opaka was killed in the crash, but was revived by the atmosphere,though could not leave the moon.
    The Yangtzee Kiang was replaced by the Orinoco.
    "Emissary" - DS9, "Past Prologue" - DS9, "Battle Lines" - DS9

  • USS Yukon
    Used by Kira and O'Brien in 2372 for an inspection of Bajoran colonies along the Cardassianborder. The Yukon was destroyed by the Defiant in 2373 when a Founder hijacked it todestroy the Bajoran sun with a trilithium explosive.
    The Yukon replaced the Orinoco which was destroyed in "Our Man Bashir". It was namedafter the river in Northwest Canada and central Alaska flowing 1,979 miles to the Bering Sea.
    Destroyed in "By Inferno's Light".
    "Sons of Mogh" - DS9, "By Inferno's Light" - DS9

  • Name Unknown
    Used by Kira, Garak, and Damar in their mission to secure the Breen energy dissipatingweapon.
    "Tacking into the Wind" - DS9

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