Geological information from Klinzai suggests that the world was once rather lush and wet, but suffered catastrophe due to the passing of a large asteroid which altered the orbit of the planet. This asteroid is also thought to have caused enormous pressure in the planet itself which led to disastrous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Fossilized remains in the underground water pockets and in the lava rock show that a form of Klingon existed before the time of the asteroid. These Klingons bear the same basic genetic markings as present-day Klingons, except without the Imperial mutations, which, as is well-known, bear no chemical resemblance to most of the rest of the life on the planet. It is for these reasons that it is thought that the Klingon people were seeded on Klinzai, possibly by The Preservers, when the planet was lush. It is unknown how some of the early Klingons survived the destruction wrought by the asteroid, but they did and they developed into the rich society that is on the planet today.

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