(* Indicates award won)

1996 -- 4 Nominations (Awards not announced at press time)

Outstanding Costume Design -- Robert Blackman, "The Muse"

Outstanding Hairstyling -- Shirley Dolle, Hair Designer; Cherie Huffman, Lee Crawford, Brian-Andrew Tunstall, Ellen Powell, Sue Maust, Barbara Ronci, "Our Man Bashir"

Outstanding Makeup -- Michael Westmore, Supervising Makeup Artist; Camille Calvet, Dean Jones, Karen Iverson, Mark Bussan, Scott Wheeler, Gil Mosko, Ellis Berman, Dave Quaschnick, Thom Suprenant, Steve Weber, Brad Look, Kevin Haney, Makeup Artists, "The Visitor"

Outstanding Music Composition -- Jay Chattaway, Composer

1996 -- AWARDS

*1996 Screen Actors Guild Award -- The "Outstanding Portrayal of the American Scene" award was shared with the other STAR TREK series.

1995 -- 2 Nominations, 1 Win

Outstanding Hairstyling -- Josee Normand, Norma Lee, Ronald Smith, Gerald J. Solomon, Michael Moore, Chris McBac, Caryl Codon, Faith Veccio, Rebecca De Morrio, Joana Phillips, "Improbable Cause"

*Outstanding Makeup -- Michael Westmore, Supervising Makeup Artist; Greg Nelson, Scott Wheeler, Tina Kalliongis-Hoffman, Mark Shostrom, Gil Mosko, Michael Key, Barry R. Koper, Natalie Wood, Bill Mayer, "Distant Voices"

1994 -- 3 Nominations

Outstanding Costume Design -- Robert Blackman, "Crossover"

Outstanding Hairstyling -- Josee Normand, Ron Smith, Norma Lee, Gerald Solomon, "Armageddon Game"

Outstanding Makeup -- Michael Westmore, Camille Calvet-Sutfin, Karen Westerfield, Dean Gates, Dean Jones, Tina Kalliongis, Dave Quaschnick, Michael Smithson, Hank Edds, Michael Key, Gil Mosko, "Rules of Acquisition"

1993 -- 6 Nominations, 3 Wins

Outstanding Art Direction -- Herman Zimmerman, Randall McIlvain, Mickey S. Michaels, "Emissary"

Outstanding Hairstyling -- Candace Neal, Ron Smith, Gerald Soloman, Susan Maust, "Move Along Home"

*Outstanding Makeup -- Michael Westmore, Jill Rockow, Karen Westerfield, Gil Mosko, Dean Jones, Michael Key, Craig Reardon, Vincent Niebla, "Captive Pursuit"

*Outstanding Main Title Theme Music -- Dennis McCarthy

Outstanding Sound Editing -- James Wolvington, William Wistrom, Ashley Harvey, Miguel Rivera, Jeff Gersh, Sean Callelry, Steffan Falesitch, Steve Rowe, "Emissary, Part II"

Outstanding Sound Mixing -- Bill Gocke, Chris Haire, Richard Morrison, Douglas Darvey, "Emissary, Part II"

*Outstanding Special Visual Effects (juried) -- Robert Legato, Gary Hutzel, Michael Gibson, Dennis Blakey, "Emissary"

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