**Includes updates, addenda through SD 53000.0 (2376). Dossier compiled by LCDR Christopher St. John, Records Chief, Starfleet Headquarters.

Played By: Marc Alaimo
Rank: Legate
Current assignment: Deposed Cardassian leader (DECEASED)
Marital status: Divorced
Children: Eight children, including son Mekor, 15, & daughter Tora Ziyal (DECEASED)

Starfleet Intelligence-Cardassian Section Report Extract, SD 50034.6: LCDR H. Tharv reporting

Gul Dukat, the former Cardassian prefect of Bajor, is a wily & devious individual. A fierce patriot & a self-centered blusterer of bravado, his loyalty & devotion to the Cardassian way of life makes him a dangerous wild card & a potential threat to Federation security. Having held such positions as commander of the Second Order (security identification ADL- 40) & chief military advisor to the civilian Detapa Council, Dukat has had a meteoric rise to power with numerous career-making incidents, most notably during his term as a glinn about the warship Kornaire. He vocally opposed the withdrawal from Bajor in 2369, even going so far as to abduct the son of Kotran Pa'Dar, the major advocate for the withdrawal, & placing him in a Bajoran orphanage. In 2370, Dukat's role in this was uncovered.

Suspected of violating the Federation-Cardassian treaty in that same year, Dukat was captured by Maquis terrorists who accused him of funneling military supplies to Cardassian colonists in the Demilitarized Zone. Although the supply rumors were true, it was in fact the Central Command who was responsible & not Dukat, who with the help of then-CDR Benjamin Sisko stopped the weapons pipeline. He seems to have an innate ability to discern which side has a better chance of success & will eagerly switch to that side if he believes that it will further both his own ambitions & what he believes to be the good of all Cardassia. Such was the motivation behind his backing of the civilian Detapa Council after an overthrow of the Central Command in early 2372 & the defense of the new government against Klingon invaders.

He seems obsessed with Bajor & its people, keeping tabs on the goings-on of his former command. During the early 2350s, he had an affair with a Bajoran national, Tora Naprem, who bore him a daughter, Tora Ziyal, in 2353. To keep this indiscretion secret, Dukat arranged to have them travel to Lissepia aboard the freighter Ravinok in 2366, which disappeared soon after. In 2372, he & Bajoran officer Major Kira Nerys acting on information from an undisclosed source discover the wreck of the Ravinok on planet Dozaria, where it had been shot down by Breen forces & the survivors forced to work in a Breen dilithium mine. Intent on killing his illegitimate daughter, Dukat's plans were changed by Major Kira, & he brought Tora Ziyal home to Cardassia to live with him.

This action caused Dukat to fall out of favor with the Central Command. Disowned by his mother, stripped of his rank & power, left by his wife & other children, Dukat was punished with command of the freighter Groumall. His love for his daughter seems to have consumed him, though, as he brought her along aboard his ship. Later that same year, while transporting Major Kira to a conference between Bajoran & Cardassian officials at Korma, the Groumall was attacked by the IKS Etam, a K'Vort-class Klingon bird-of-prey. Utilizing help from Major Kira, Dukat & his crew managed to disable the attacking vessel using system-5 disruptors taken from Korma & installed in the freighter's cargo bay. Sensing an opportunity, he captured the bird-of-prey, beamed its crew to the Groumall, & destroyed the freighter. Now possessing vital Klingon attack data, his legate status was restored & Dukat was asked to return to his advisory position. He refused, & used the Etam to conduct terrorist raiding operations on invading Klingon ships. Recently, his help was instrumental during CPT Sisko's operation to expose the Changeling impersonating Klingon General Martok.

Starfleet Intelligence-Cardassian Section Report Extract, SD 52998.1: CPT H. Tharv reporting (Part 1)

My earlier predictions of Gul Dukat's threat status have been born out, much to the horrors of Federation citizens everywhere. No one in Intentions could possibly have foreseen how deranged Dukat had become & how much he was willing to sacrifice.

Six months after my initial report (SD 50034.6), Dukat took the Alpha Quadrant unaware when he announced that he had entered into secret negotiations with the Dominion for Cardassia to become an annexed ally of the Gamma Quadrant power. Part of these negotiations was the installment of Dukat as head of the revised Cardassian political structure. In an address broadcast across the entire Cardassian Union & into the Federation, he stated that he took these actions to stop the crushing of the Cardassian way of life & to return his people to a place of power & prestige in the galaxy. Little was heard from Dukat himself for another 6 months.

At that point, it was the end of 2374. Dukat, along with his Dominion advisor Weyoun, relocated their base of operations to Deep Space 9, now renamed Terok Nor & under Dominion control after the evacuation of Federation personnel. While Weyoun was interested in destroying the cloaked minefield surrounding the Bajoran wormhole, Dukat was more interested in how he was being perceived by the Bajoran peoples. These eventually became an overriding theme in his life. He was brought into close contact with Major Kira Nerys once more, both due to her continuing role as Bajoran Militia liaison & as the female mentor to Dukat's daughter, Tora Ziyal, who had spent 18 months on the station. Indeed, many of the events that transpired to end the Dominion occupation of the station could not have occurred without the exploitation of this solitary weakness of Dukat's. Inevitably, his daughter was instrumental in helping a small resistance cell led by Major Kira in causing enough havoc on the station so as to allow allied forces to reclaim the base. When she confessed her actions to her father, he forgave her, but not before she was shot & killed by Glinn Damar, Dukat's second & eventual leader of the Cardassian people. This outright loss of the one person who he cared about other than himself pushed Dukat over the edge. He was taken into custody by station security & held there pending trial. Approximately 2 months later, he was transferred to USS Honshu for transport to Earth to stand before a war crimes tribunal. Without knowing who was aboard, the ship was attacked & destroyed by Jem'Hadar fighters. Dukat escaped in a shuttlecraft, bringing along CPT Sisko, who was along to give testimony. Wounded & at his mercy, CPT Sisko fought with Dukat until he blacked out. When he came to, Dukat & the shuttle were gone, & the Defiant had arrived to rescue him.

Excerpt of event report, CPT B. L. Sisko, SD 51418.5

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that Dukat had gone beyond the realm of rational thought, it has been totally erased during my days spent marooned with him. There were times when I feigned sleep I could hear him pacing back & forth, screaming at people who weren't there. As I listened to him, as I heard more & more of his self-absorbed rantings, the true extent of his insanity became apparent. To THINK! He ACTUALLY believes that the Bajoran people should THANK him for his tenure as prefect! "I worked to save lives" .Try telling that to the families of those who died in the labor camps or the uridium ore processing centers. I don't know who he saw ... maybe Weyoun ... maybe Damar ... maybe Ziyal. But in the end run, Gul Dukat is more of a threat in his present state of mind than any Dominion fleet.

Starfleet Intelligence-Cardassian Section Report Extract, SD 52998.1: CPT H. Tharv reporting (Part 2)

A few months after his escape, Dukat made contact with Major Kira again from an undisclosed location. At this point, he revealed to the major that he had been romantically involved with her mother. The major refuted this, citing her mother's death from malnutrition soon after her birth. However, though means not yet ascertained, she was able to verify Dukat's claim that he had indeed been involved with Kira Meru since 2343. She had been selected in the labor camps to be brought to Terok Nor & put to work as an escort & "comfort woman" for Cardassian officers serving there. During a gathering, she caught the eye of Dukat, & the two lived together, Meru never knowing that her family thought she was dead.

At the end of 2374, Dukat showed up on Cardassia Prime, promising to bring an end to the war & destroy CPT Sisko. Utilizing an ancient Bajoran artifact, he was possessed by a Pah-Wraith & then traveled to Deep Space 9. Upon arrival, the Pah-Wraith inhabiting his body killed LCDR Jadzia Dax & escaped into one of the Bajoran Orbs, thus somehow causing the collapse of the wormhole. Once again, he escaped capture by station security.

Four months later, Major Kira came into contact again with Dukat when he had her abducted & brought to the abandoned Cardassian station of Empok Nor. There, he showed himself to be the leader of the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths, a religious faction that had been steadily gaining strength on Bajor. Proclaiming himself to be the true emissary of the true gods of Bajor, his followers committed suicide & he once again disappeared into obscurity. A month afterwards, Dukat turned up on Cardassia Prime again, this time with yet another plan to turn the tide of the war to the Dominion's favor. This time, undergoing surgery to look like a Bajoran, Dukat traveled to Deep Space 9 again & proceeded to turn Bajor's spiritual leader, Kai Winn, to the way of the Pah-Wraiths. Not only had he become her advisor to the ways of the cult, he also shared her bed. Using his considerable talents of manipulation, Dukat convinced Kai Winn to release the Pah-Wraiths from their holding place in Bajor's Fire Caves using an ancient Bajoran text, the Kosst Amojan. He accompanied the Kai to the Fire Caves, where upon she freed the Pah-Wraiths by offering Dukat's life as a sacrifice. To her surprise, they restored his life to use him as a vessel for themselves & Dukat killed her by immolation. It was only the intervention of CPT Benjamin Sisko that stood between the Pah-Wraiths & success; Sisko ventured to the Fire Caves, fought in hand-to-hand combat with Dukat, & eventually fell into the Fire Caves with Dukat, who was incinerated.

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