Played by Patrick Massett

A member of a politically powerful Klingon family, and member of the Klingon High Council. In 2366, Duras sought to conceal evidence that his father, Ja'rod, had committed treason during the Khitomer massacre in 2346. Duras fabricated evidence implicating Mogh, father of Worf, as the guilty party. Duras was initially successful in forcing the council to rule against Mogh's family, although council leader K'mpec was aware of Duras's treachery. (Sins of the Father [TNG])

Following the murder of council leader K'mpec in 2367, Duras sought to win K'mpec's position. Duras was one of two contenders for the leadership, and he used a bomb in an attempt to insure his selection by eliminating Gowron, his competitor. It was also suspected that Gowron was responsible for K'mpec's death by poison. During the Rite of Succession, Duras also killed K'Ehleyr, Worf's mate, when she was on the verge of discovering the truth about Duras's cover up of his father's crimes. Duras was subsequently killed by Worf, who sought the right of vengeance under Klingon law. (Reunion [TNG])

Following Duras's death, his family continued to play a significant role in Klingon politics. (Redemption, Parts I and II [TNG], Past Prologue [DS9])

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