Doranna Durgin

"Imagine that your very first fumbling stories were pre-teen explorations of the Star Trek universe. (Okay, the _very_ first was about unicorns, but after that.) And then one day many years and a bunch of fantasy novels later, you find yourself staring at a signed contract to write a Star Trek book.

"The first reaction is intimidation. It's so important to get it _right_, after all, to recreate the Trek world so many viewers love. But then you get excited, because-- 'Wow, I get to frustrate Picard with dangerously obscure little aliens, threaten the existence of an entire species, crash-land Riker and Worf in a steamily oppressive jungle, and then pester them with the biggest, meanest, sharpest fanged creatures I can create!'

"I guess it was a kind of fantasy after all..."

Although this is Doranna's first foray into the Star Trek Universe, she is an accomplished author with the following titles to her name: Wolverine's Daughter, Seer's Blood, A Feral Darkness, and Earth: Final Conflict -- Heritage

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