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the engine worked and the program should continue. Archer also formed a life-long friendship with Tucker, who continues to be one of his closest confidants.

Even after this success, Archer still blamed the Vulcans for withholding knowledge and technology that could have accelerated progress on the Warp Five engine. He always had something of a grudge against Vulcans, and his father's death only deepened it. Thus his dealings with the green-blooded race have always been characterized by tension and petulance - almost a knee-jerk reaction on Archer's part. In fact, the animosity is mutual; many of the Vulcan delegation on Earth, such as Ambassador Soval, believe Archer is not suitable to be commanding Earth's first Warp-5 starship, preferring the far-less-impulsive Captain Gardner instead. But Starfleet has backed Captain Archer every step of the way. He especially has the full support of Forrest, now an admiral and Archer's direct superior. Forrest and his colleagues trust Archer to apply the best of human values and human judgment in his dealings with other species, however flawed those values and judgments may often be.

Respecting life over political considerations is one of those values which led Archer to launch his ship on its maiden voyage a few weeks ahead of schedule. Upon the famous "Broken Bow" incident which left a injured Klingon named Klaang in human hands, Archer learned the Vulcans intended to take it upon themselves to return the Klingon to his homeworld as a corpse - despite the fact that he was clinging to life - in the name of interstellar diplomacy. Appalled at their position, Archer convinced his superiors to let him launch early and take Klaang to Kronos under human supervision, since he had crashed-landed on their soil. Starfleet agreed, but to appease the Vulcans they also agreed to allow one of their officers to be temporarily posted on Enterprise as an observer, or "chaperone." Thus Archer was forced to contend with Sub-Commander T'Pol as his second-in-command, a particularly cynical and humorless representative of the Vulcan race. But as that mission to Kronos went awry due to interference by the nefarious Suliban Cabal, he came to learn that Vulcan individuals can be more complex and unpredictable than he realized. For when Archer was wounded on Rigel X and rendered unconscious for several hours, T'Pol assumed command and led the ship in pursuit of Klaang's captors, in anticipation of the captain's wishes.

That and other selfless acts by the Vulcan which were crucial to the mission's success led Archer to realize that many of his preconceptions about her race were not entirely justified. So for the benefit of his ship and its ongoing journey, he decided to leave behind his grudges and ask T'Pol to stay aboard as Science Officer. It is an arrangement that Archer has never regretted, but has always found challenging.

The question of whether to interfere or not in the dealings of others is always a precarious balancing act. At what point do you extend your own morality upon others, and when is it immoral NOT to? A number of times Archer has made choices which at the moment were consistent with his sense of right and wrong, only to endure consequences for them later. When he discovered that the Vulcans were lying about hiding a surveillance station underneath their monastery at P'Jem, he turned over the evidence to their militaristic rivals the Andorians. That led to an Andorian attack upon the ancient temple and the laying waste of its ancient

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