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relics; Archer got the blame and tensions were heightened between Vulcan and Earth. The incident did have a positive impact on human/Andorian relations, however. When the Vulcans and Andorians entered into another conflict, this time over a small planet, Andorian Commander Shran requested that Archer be brought in to mediate. With Archer's help, the two sides were able to negotiate and come to a peaceful resolution.

Indeed, this trust on the part of the Andorians shows that Archer is becoming more open-minded when it comes to encountering new species. His relationship with T'Pol has grown into one of mutual respect and trust. Archer provided key support to his science officer when she was sent on an emotionally troubling mission for the Vulcans; she, in turn, was there for him when his good friend and former rival A.G. Robinson died. Archer has also attempted to foster good relationships with all of his senior officers, often inviting them to breakfast in the Captain's Mess. He and Trip remain the best of friends, and enjoy watching water polo matches together. He also has a constant companion in his pet beagle Porthos, who he acquired from an ex-girlfriend's mother.

Archer continues to encounter problems from two of the first hostile forces he encountered in space - the Klingons and the Suliban. Despite the fact that Archer has come to the aid of the Klingon Empire before, he was once arrested for conspiring to dishonor former captain Duras. Though the charges were false, Archer was sentenced to life in the dilithium mines on the penal colony of Rura Penthe. Luckily, his crewmates came to his rescue, although he remains a fugitive of the Klingons. They even put a sizeable bounty on his head - Archer was kidnapped by a Tellarite looking to collect. He eventually managed to sway the Tellarite to his cause, and once again escaped. Duras, however, refused to give up, and pursued Archer once more, just as the captain was taking Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse. Through some clever maneuvering, Archer managed to avoid the Klingon's ship and eventually destroyed it.

As for the Suliban Cabal, they disrupted Enterprise's first mission by kidnapping Klaang, which led to a strangely personal face-off between the captain and Silik, a genetically enhanced Suliban warrior who knows Archer a little too well and considers him a personal nemesis. Silik is involved in something called the "Temporal Cold War," which came home to Enterprise when Archer learned that one of his own crewmen, a steward named Daniels, is actually an operative from the future fighting against the Cabal and the people they're taking orders from. Everything came to a head when the Suliban made it appear as though Enterprise had destroyed a Paraagan colony, an event that nearly put an end to the ship's mission. Archer was then somehow transported to the 31st century, altering the timeline. With Daniels' help, Archer managed to return to his own time and present evidence that the Suliban were behind the Paraagan tragedy. Although the Vulcans wanted to recall Enterprise (considering the crew's somewhat shaky first year), T'Pol made a convincing argument to allow them to continue, once again demonstrating her allegiance to Archer.

Perhaps Archer's greatest challenge is his newest mission, which is set to take Enterprise into the vast unknown. After a mysterious race known as the Xindi attacked Earth, cutting a devastating swath from Florida to Venezuela, Archer and his crew were ordered home. Along

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