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Even other Vulcans are surprised that T'Pol can stomach working so closely with humans, since Vulcans find the smell of humans unpleasant - T'Pol is able to endure the experience with the aid of a nasal numbing agent. T'Pol has demonstrated a strong ability to adapt, which is rare in Vulcans - perhaps it is something she's learned from humans. For example, when Captain Archer decided to take an away team to a newly-discovered, uninhabited Minshara-class planet against T'Pol's precautionary warnings, she ended up being the only crew member on the planet not experiencing hallucinations caused by indigenous pollen in the air. In danger of being assaulted or killed by the affected crew members, she was able to role-play in order to coax a peaceful resolution, something most Vulcans would never do. Similarly, she also role-played when a mysterious group of large-eared aliens took over Enterprise, tricking them and gaining the upper hand.

Although Vulcan, T'Pol has shown that her allegiance is to the truth; she didn't turn a blind eye when the secret Vulcan surveillance station at P'Jem was revealed and, at Archer's behest, handed over her scanner to the Andorian commandos who seized the temple when their suspicions proved correct - the Vulcans had indeed been engaging in deception. The Andorians destroyed the temple shortly thereafter, and the Vulcan High Command decided to recall T'Pol. Before the scheduled rendezvous with a Vulcan ship, she and Archer were kidnapped by Coridan rebels, and during rescue attempts by an Andorian/Human team and a Vulcan team, Sopek, a member of the Vulcan team, was nearly killed by a rebel. T'Pol selflessly put herself in harm's way to save him, resulting in an injury that nearly took her life. This act forced Sopek to take up her cause with the Vulcan High Command, allowing her to remain on Enterprise.

Before T'Pol joined the Science Directorate, she was assigned to the Ministry of Security, and was trained in reconnaissance and retrieval. Circa 2135, T'Pol was sent to retrieve a group of rogue Vulcan operatives. She was successful in capturing nearly all of them, save for two. She later nearly caught these remaining operatives on Risa, but one escaped, and she shot the other one when she believed he was reaching for a weapon. After the incident, T'Pol resigned her position with the Ministry and sought guidance at P'Jem. It was there that she underwent the Fullara, an obscure Vulcan ritual in which her memories and the emotions surrounding the events on Risa were repressed. In 2152, the agent that escaped, Menos, was located, and T'Pol was sent to apprehend him. She asked Archer to come along with her on the mission. T'Pol was successful in capturing Menos, but he reminded her of her long-buried memories ... and she was forced to come to terms with the fact that she once killed a man. Luckily, Archer was there to help her overcome her feelings of self-doubt, and the incident solidified the trust between the duo.

As a child, T'Pol was betrothed to a Vulcan named Koss. Her wedding to him would have meant the end of her assignment on Enterprise - once again, she bucked tradition and decided not to go through with it. This no doubt put a strain on her family relations and helped to brand her amongst her people as unorthodox, to say the least. Although T'Pol's behavior might seem extremely conservative and cold to her fellow crewmembers, it is radical when compared to standard Vulcan behavior. It should also be noted that while T'Pol is unique among Vulcans, she still holds fast to most Vulcan ideology and is the first to be skeptical of

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