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any unsubstantiated opinion or theory, such as time travel, which Vulcan science has deemed impossible. When faced with seemingly impossible events that time travel could explain, she stubbornly holds out for proof before jumping to conclusions.

Another event that challenged her beliefs came in the form of Enterprise's encounter with the V'tosh ka'tur or "Vulcans without logic." These Vulcans tried to integrate emotions into their everyday existence. Among these Vulcans was Tolaris, who was attracted to T'Pol and attempted to sway her to his group's way of thinking by means of the Vulcan mind-meld, an ancient and almost forgotten telepathic practice that Tolaris hoped would free T'Pol's emotions. As a result of the mind-meld, combined with avoiding her regular meditation, T'Pol began to have dreams and flashbacks to earlier times, remembering a time during her assignment at the Vulcan Consulate when she wandered out alone at night and visited a nightclub. Ultimately, the experience was overwhelming and disturbing to T'Pol, yet Tolaris continued the invasive meld, leaving T'Pol in a weaker state.

The encounter with Tolaris ended up having long-lasting ramifications - T'Pol was infected with Pa'nar Syndrome, an incurable Vulcan disease. Unfortunately, the syndrome carries a stigma on Vulcan - it can only be transmitted by the small number of Vulcans who are born with the ability to mind-meld. Because this telepathic minority's behavior is considered "unnatural" to other Vulcans, those who carry the disease face discrimination, and the disease is not a high priority when it comes to medical research. T'Pol experienced this sort of bigotry firsthand when several Vulcan doctors learned of her condition. When they learned that she was forced into the mind-meld by Tolaris, T'Pol was not recalled to Vulcan. Still, she was appalled at the intolerance faced by those who suffer from Pa'nar Syndrome, and planned to let the High Command know of her displeasure.

Though T'Pol may sometimes seem detached from others, she does have great admiration for certain individuals, particularly legendary Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar and her great-grandmother, T'Mir. T'Pol had a chance to meet V'Lar many years ago on Vulcan, during her early schooling. The Ambassador inspired her eventual career path, and T'Pol had another chance to meet her when V'Lar was involved with a complicated mission to Mazar. As for T'Mir, T'Pol once told Archer and Trip that her ancestor was part of a group of Vulcans that crash-landed in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania in October 1957. According to T'Pol's story, these Vulcans actually posed as humans in the small mining town, thus initiating first contact long before the documented events of 2063. T'Mir even contributed to the college fund of a young human by "inventing" Velcro. Though T'Pol later led Trip and Archer to believe that her story was merely a tall tale, there is still some doubt as to how much of it was truthful. When T'Pol was stationed in Sausalito (prior to her assignment on Enterprise), she took a five-day leave to visit Carbon Creek.

T'Pol's presence on Enterprise has taken even greater significance as Archer and the crew prepare to journey to the Delphic Expanse. When Enterprise was given this assignment, the Vulcan High Command disapproved, and demanded that T'Pol return to Vulcan. She refused, resigning her commission and preparing to join Archer on this dangerous mission. As T'Pol

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