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continues to spend time on Enterprise, in close contact with humans, it is significant not only for the historic nature of the service, but also as a hint of what the future holds: Collaboration and shared service between races is not only a feasible notion, but can yield results and accomplishments greater than if humans and Vulcans work alone

Charles Tucker, III Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker, III (Played by Connor Trinneer)

Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Medical/Counselor's Office
An old buddy of Captain Archer's and renowned as a gifted orbital engineer, "Trip" is a charming Southerner with an offbeat sense of humor who is always on the hunt for the next big adventure. Whether it's deep-sea diving, constructing starships in orbit, or interspecies dating, Trip is good to go. Trip is the third senior officer on Enterprise, but he's a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations.

Biographical Overview
Trip - his father and grandfather were both Charles, so "Trip" is short for "triple" - has been in Starfleet for 12 years, and has known Archer for eight. The two officers met back when Archer was a commander involved with the NX-Test Program and Trip was a lieutenant on Captain Jefferies' engineering team. Trip and Archer teamed up with Commander A.G. Robinson to convince Starfleet and its Vulcan advisors that the NX program was worth keeping on track. Though they resorted to unorthodox means, launching an NX vessel without permission, they were ultimately successful. From then on, the duo shared a strong bond, and once endured harsh survival training in the Australian outback together. The captain describes his chief engineer as "tough as nails," and has saved Trip's life several times. During an Omega training mission on Titan, Trip's EV pack froze up and he got nitrogen narcosis and tried to remove his helmet - Archer ordered him to keep it on. Likewise, when the two were stranded on a brutal desert planet, Archer saved a delirious Trip from succumbing entirely to heatstroke. For his part, Trip is always there when the captain needs cheering up. When Archer was depressed about Enterprise's botched first contact with the Kreetassans, his chief engineer lightened the mood with a data module of the Stanford vs. Texas water polo match.

Prior to his time on Enterprise, Trip had only been to one inhabited planet beyond Earth - and it was "inhabited" by dust-dwelling ticks. Thus, he craves adventure, and tends to get "antsy" when things are too dull. Luckily, Enterprise's mission thus far has been packed with new experiences. Trip went down in history as the first human male to become pregnant and the first example of interspecies pregnancy involving a human after his encounter with the Xyrillian female Ah'len. During his brief experience being "with child," Trip experienced all the usual hormonal irregularities, resulting in mood swings and fluctuations in appetite. Luckily, Enterprise managed to locate the Xyrillians and transfer the embryo.

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