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some memorable shore leave time together on pleasure planet Risa. The two men went in search of fun at a Risan nightclub - and ended up getting mugged. They managed to escape, but did their best to avoid detailing the incident to their fellow crewmembers.

Not all of Trip's friendships have developed smoothly, however. When Enterprise made first contact with the Vissians, Trip took it upon himself to befriend the cogenitor, a third gender used for reproduction. He attempted to get the cogenitor to see that it was equal to its fellow beings, teaching it how to read and opening its eyes to such things as music and engineering. The Vissians, however, did not take kindly to this, particularly when the cogenitor requested asylum with Enterprise. Archer denied its request, and it later committed suicide. This encounter taught Trip that he sometimes acts too rashly when it comes to encountering new species.

Trip's nephew is in Ms. Malvin's fourth grade class at the Worley Elementary School in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland, and the students sent Enterprise some drawings and questions regarding life on a starship. Trip was asked to field a query about flushing the ship toilets - and expressed dismay at being asked a "poop question."

Trip has interests outside of engineering, and enjoys taking pictures of the many new sights encountered by Enterprise. He also took photos of Captain Archer, so that an Oakland artist would be able to paint the captain's portrait, to be displayed at Starfleet Command. He is quite athletic, and very much enjoyed the game of Geskana, which was introduced to him by charismatic alien leader Zobral. Despite his jovial nature, Trip has been known to tear up during the occasional movie. His favorite food is pan-friend catfish, particularly his mother's recipe, and his favorite flavor of ice cream is Rocky Road.

Trip experienced a devastating tragedy in 2153 - his younger sister, Elizabeth, was killed when the Xindi attacked Earth. Elizabeth, who Trip called Lizzie, was an architect living in Florida. This deep, personal loss has made Trip determined to track down the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse. With this new mission underway, Trip's top-notch engineering skills and dedication guarantee Archer that the ship's warp engines are in the best possible hands.

Malcolm Reed Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Played by Dominic Keating)

Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Medical/Counselor's Office
Reed is descended from a long line of British navy men; in fact, he takes after his grandfather who was an ordnance officer in the Royal Navy. Rules and regulations, discipline, schedules - life is strictly by-the-book for this officer who is fascinated by munitions and what he can create next in his Armory. Around women, however, he becomes soft-spoken and tongue-tied.

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