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Biographical Overview
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed is the weapons and tactical expert on Enterprise NX-01, and the first to jump into the fray when a rescue mission becomes necessary or when explosions need to be mounted.

Reed believes in always maintaining a high state of readiness, and was frustrated that Enterprise left dock before all the ship's planned weaponry was installed and tested. He was never optimistic about the degree of friendliness the starship would encounter in deep space, and his pessimism has proven valid. Reed has had to improvise against hostile aliens with superior weaponry many times. In one battle early in the mission, the Enterprise crew was nearly captured to be drained of their fluids after the ship's torpedoes failed to penetrate an enemy ship's defenses. It took cooperation between Reed and an Axanar captain to destroy their common foe. Later, attacks from another unknown race prompted Reed and Chief Engineer Tucker to lead the crew in building a complement of phase cannons from scratch while in mid-space - accomplishing in two days what would have taken the armory team at Jupiter Station at least a week. While the first deployment of the phase cannons was less than clean, they were ultimately successful in warding off the hostile aliens and finally gave Enterprise the firepower that Reed has always wanted.

Malcolm Reed is the man the crew turns to for weapons training and target practice. It was Reed who presented Captain Archer with the crew's new hand weapons called "phase-pistols," explaining, "They have two settings, stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them." It is Reed who sits at the tactical console on the Bridge, and in any encounter with an alien vessel he is the one who immediately scans the ship for weapons and engine configurations. He is very protective of the Armory and the ship's tactical systems, and tries to keep those areas off-limits to visitors (although he did give a visiting Vissian tactical officer a tour). He is also in charge of security and procedures for locking down the ship in an emergency, such as being boarded.

Although Reed was initially skeptical about using the newly approved bio-transport platform ("I don't think I'm quite ready to have my molecules compressed into a datastream"), he has used the transporter probably more than anyone on the crew - its safety being less a concern to him than its tactical advantage. For example, when Archer and other crewmembers were taken hostage in their first encounter with Andorians at the Vulcan sanctuary P'Jem, Reed led a munitions team to the surface via the transporter, to mount a series of explosions that led to a firefight that ultimately resolved the situation.

Even under peaceful circumstances, Reed loves to "blow things up." When Archer decided to obtain samples of a rare mineral called eisilium from a large comet the crew was studying, Reed volunteered to take a portable drilling rig on a little "cometwalk." Fortunately for him, the drilling effort first required blasting a hole in the comet surface. The perfectionist that he is, he was disappointed the explosion wasn't more symmetrical. When the ship has a movie night, Reed's favorite films are always those that show lots of explosions.

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