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calm him down and let him know he was not among enemies. Later, once Klaang was rescued from the Suliban and returned to Q'onoS, Hoshi was able to facilitate enough communication between the Klingons and Archer to complete the mission without incident.

Not long after, Enterprise made the grisly discovery of a ship filled with alien corpses, drained of fluids. Hoshi's immediate reaction was terror, which disturbed her in terms of her own professionalism. She considered the possibility that she simply isn't cut out for deep space exploration, but was able to overcome her own fears and insecurities enough to re-board the eerie ship and decipher the controls to send out a distress call to the victims' fellow beings. When they arrived, she was able to break the language barrier and make first contact with this new race, the Axanar, and communicate that humans were not responsible for the massacre, aiding in establishing favorable relations with another new race.

Along with her communications duties, Hoshi is also able to keep an eye on other vital systems. For example, when the Suliban Silik had infiltrated Enterprise disguised as a religious pilgrim, it was Hoshi who noticed when he attempted to bypass the lockout codes in Shuttlepod Launch Bay One.

Implicitly trusted by Captain Archer, Hoshi was entrusted to do some research into the private life of Malcolm Reed, specifically his favorite foods for a planned surprise birthday celebration. She methodically approached the task like a detective, discreetly contacting his loved ones and even subtly trying to get information directly out of Reed, which led to a temporary misunderstanding, as Reed misinterpreted her enquiries as romantic overtures. In the end, thanks to help from Dr. Phlox, she successfully was able to deduce Reed's favorite food (pineapple) and satisfy Archer's request.

As her first year in deep space progressed, Hoshi's initial trepidation ebbed substantially. For example, when she was stranded along with Reed and T'Pol aboard a derelict Klingon vessel sinking slowly into a Class-9 gas giant, she was rattled, but able to maintain her cool enough to focus on the task at hand: deciphering the ship's logs, controls and readouts so that they could get the ship running under its own power.

In another unusual circumstance, Hoshi's skills were applied to communicating with a strange creature that had taken up residence in a Shuttlepod Bay and had trapped several crew members, including Captain Archer. In addition to attempting to learn a new language, the organism communicated almost telepathically, forcing Hoshi to improvise a solution, saving not only the crew members, but the creature as well.

Hoshi also has contributed to Starfleet missions in other ways, such as selflessly donating use of her personal quarters to a visiting Vulcan ambassador during her first year on board Enterprise. She views new languages as a challenge - and on her visit to Risa, she discovered some additional benefits to learning new languages.

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