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Though she has an undeniable facility with languages, that's not all there is to Hoshi. She has demonstrated a willingness to pitch in wherever needed time and time again. She filled in for an ailing Chef once, preparing her grandmother's family recipe of oden from scratch. She also confronted her fear of the transporter firsthand when Reed had trouble re-integrating her matter stream - during the few seconds that it took for Hoshi to re-materialize, she had a vision in which she saved the ship from invading aliens by overcoming her transporter phobia.

Hoshi has also formed bonds with several of her crewmates, particularly Dr. Phlox, who she says has taken care of her on many occasions. Phlox is currently teaching her Denobulan - according to his wife Feezal, Hoshi's accent is very good. When Phlox was infected by the mysterious nanoprobes from hostile cybernetic beings, Hoshi offered to keep him company while he worked on a cure.

As Hoshi continues her tenure aboard Enterprise, she almost mirrors humankind in taking the initial steps into the intergalactic community: tentative and concerned at first, but more and more sure of herself as time goes on. While ready to take whatever action is necessary to help the crew and Starfleet, her accomplishments in communication also provide an example of how tense situations can be diffused through diplomatic means.

Phlox Doctor Phlox (Played by John Billingsley)

Profile: Report of Starfleet Diplomatic Relations Office
Dr. Phlox is a congenial fellow who balances an oblique sense of humor and a happy disposition, along with a natural scientific curiosity that retains a sense of humanity. His Sickbay is home to a growing collection of "stuff" - some alive, some not - gathered from various sources. At Captain Archer's request, Phlox agreed to join the new Enterprise as Chief Medical Officer. Phlox's background in intergalactic medicine is indispensable, though his approach to the healing arts is sometimes startling.

Biographical Overview
Though Dr. Phlox claimed that he found it somewhat daunting to socialize with the Enterprise crew, he soon proved quite adept at it, striking up friendships with Ensign Elizabeth Cutler, Ensign Hoshi Sato and fellow non-human Sub-Commander T'Pol. In fact, Phlox was initially worried that Cutler had a romantic interest in him. Though his suspicions eventually proved true, Cutler only wanted to be friends, and she and Phlox enjoy taking in the occasional movie together. Phlox was also key in helping the initially jittery Hoshi realize that she belonged on Enterprise. He assisted her in caring for a sickly slug creature, and is currently teaching her Denobulan. The aloof T'Pol has been something of a challenge, even for the genial doctor, but she and Phlox have shared several meals together, and she doesn't even seem to mind when Phlox picks errant food off of her plate. Phlox has another human friend in regular

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