Acoustic relay - The "acoustic relay" picks up and records "dozens of languages" from the planet for Hoshi to analyze. (Civilization)

Adaptive syntax - In a language this means that the way in which words are put together to form phrases or sentences can change. They can be modified or "adapted" to make them fit into specific, or new situations and uses. Klingon dialects are constructed on an adaptive syntax. (Broken Bow)

Adrenal gland - The endocrine organs that produce adrenalin (epinephrine) in humans. They also produce many other biochemical substances (norepinephrine, and steroids). Nausicaan adrenal glands produce a unique odor. "Adrenal" can mean "near the kidneys", so it could be that the Nausicaan glands produce biochemicals similar to the human ones or simply that they are located near the kidneys. (Fight or Flight)

Agosoria, Great Plume of - the name applied by the pilgrim-celebrants to the (visible) neutron burst emitted every 11 years by a particular protostar in the stellar nursery-nebula; it symbolizes a Hindu-like universal cycle of renewal. Several "worlds" (and species) are represented among them. A traditional greeting is "may Agosoria embrace you into his renewal". Another is: "Roja durana tua teenan" ("may the plume light your way"). Archer was presented with two gifts on this occasion, a "clock" that "charts time from the beginning of the universe" and a bottle of "Voo-Sinteel". SEE: Kaana-sah, Voo-sinteel (Cold Front)

Ah'Len (Julianne Christie) - A Xyrillian female that is engineer of the ship Commander Tucker boarded to aid in repairs. When she used granules with Tucker to see if they could read each otherís minds, it caused an unintentional exchange of genetic material which impregnated him. (Unexpected)

Akaali - what the native Akaali call themselves. Location: Archer notes that "we came 78 light years". We don't know if he's measuring from Earth, from the Enterprise's previous planetfall, its total odometer reading, etc., but "from Earth" would seem to be correct from the context. Population: The planet's population is scanned at 500 million. Technology Level: No electromagnetic transmissions are detected from their world. Appearance: They have two segmented dermal ridges which run vertically, one on each side of the forehead. Dr.Phlox calls them "the anterior ridges". (This distinction implies the possibility of other ridges, hidden beneath the hair.) Culture: All Akaali carry identity papers. (Civilization)

Ale - An alcoholic drink similar to beer that is brewed on a number of different worlds. SEE: Andorian Ale , Zarantine Ale

Alex - A Starfleet engineer serving aboard Enterprise. Alex activated the warp core prior to the ship's launch in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Almack, Ensign - A junior engineer mentioned. (Unexpected)

Altarian marsupial - An alien species of small primitive mammal belonging to the infraclass Metatheria, order Marsupialia. Earth marsupials are mainly confined to Australia and New Guinea and comprise 176 species (including kangaroos, wallabies, marsupial moles, dasyures, bandicoots, and phalangers. New World marsupials include the opossums.) Marsupials have relatively small brains and they lack a placenta. The Altarian marsupial produces droppings with the greatest concentration of regenerative enzymes found in known space. Doctor Phlox keeps an Altarian marsupial in sickbay aboard Enterprise. (Broken Bow)

Alveoli cluster - A grouping of tiny, thin-walled, capillary-rich sacs occurring closely together where the exchange of gasses takes place. The genetically engineered Suliban have alveoli clusters that are modified to process different kinds of atmospheres. (Broken Bow)

Amazon River - South American river about 3900 miles (6276 km) long. It flows from the Peruvian Andes into the Atlantic in Northern Brazil. Ensign Sato and two other teachers once took a hydro-skimmer up a small Amazon tributary to view the wildlife. (Fight or Flight)

Amazon University - A college located in Brazil. Ensign Sato taught alien language at Amazon University while on leave from Starfleet before being convinced by Archer to join the launch of Enterprise in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Anaconda - any of the large constricting snakes, but specifically the large semiaquatic constricting snake (Eunectes murinus) of the boa family in tropical So. America. Ensign Sato is afraid of anacondas. (Fight or Flight)

Anchorage - A city in southern Alaska, on Cook Inlet. Commander Tucker once saw a stellar nursery through the "big lens" outside Anchorage. (Fight or Flight)

Andorian - Species with blue skin color, with white, sometimes yellow tinted hair, and twin blue antennae. The Andorians are rivals to the Vulcans, their interstellar neighbors. The two races had signed a peace treaty. In 2151, members of the Andorian Imperial Guard had long suspected the PíJem monestary of hiding a spying station, in violation of that treaty, though in 2 previous trips to the monestary, they failed to find it. With the help of Enterprise, they discovered that the Vulcans had indeed been using advanced sensor technology to spy on Andoria. They do not have transporter technology. They think Vulcans "smell of dust". (The Andorian Incident)

Andoria - Andorian homeworld (The Andorian Incident)

Antigrav - Gravity repulsion device, usually portable. They are used aboard Federation starships for handling cargo and other items too large for a single crew member to carry. Henry and Jonathan Archer used a small anti-grav unit to allow their model spacecraft to fly in 2121. (Broken Bow)

Antimatter - The swirling pinkish light behind the grill on the "control panel" side of the warp reactor is evidence of the collision of matter and antimatter. (Cold Front)

Antimatter cascade - Engineering suffers an "antimatter cascade" which started with an overload of the impulse relays, then the cylinders on the port wall of Engineering explode in sequence; the cascade stopped when it reached a damaged antimatter junction, otherwise it would have continued through the transfer conduit into the warp reactor and severely damaged the ship. (Cold Front)

Antimatter junction - Silik sneaks away, opens a panel on the underside of the port transfer conduit, and tears loose a cable. Trip shows Archer that a conduit to the antimatter junction has been damaged. The conduit was a two-inch fiber-filled cable that Silik snapped inside the rectangular transfer conduit. A means of computer control for the antimatter junction and when disconnected the normally open junction went closed. The disconnection of the conduit prevented an antimatter cascade from reaching the warp reactor. (Cold Front)

Antimatter Reactor - Neutrino emissions indicate the possible presence of an antimatter reactor. The reactor turned out to be a self-contained cylindrical affair about 2-m tall. Garos claimed that his antimatter reactor powered "a fabrication device" to make food and clothing. Trip makes an offhand comment that it's overpowered for that purpose, and could clothe half the continent. (Civilization)

Ape - One of the larger tailless or short-tailed Old-World forms of monkey. Silik compared the human genome to that of an ape. (Broken Bow)

Aphrodisiac - An agent (such as a food or drug) that arouses or is thought to arouse sexual desire. The use of triglobulin as an aphrodisiac is a common practice among many species. Humans historically used the bile of black bears and ground rhinoceros horns. (Fight or Flight)

Archer, Henry (Mark Moses) - The principal designer of Enterprise. He was part of Doctor Cochrane's team to develop the Warp 5 engine. However, he died before he could see the ship launch under his son's (Jonathan Archer's) command in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Archer, Captain Jonathan (Scott Bakula, Young Archer was played by Matt Davis) - Captain of the Enterprise. The son of warp engineer Henry Archer. He grew up in San Francisco. When young, Archer enjoyed building and flying model spacecraft with his father. ((Broken Bow)) Archer joined Starfleet. He has known Charles Tucker for 8 years (since about 2143), and quickly became close friends with the engineer. Archer saved Tucker's life about 4 years ago (about 2147). ((Unexpected)) In 2151, he assumed command of Enterprise and oversaw her final construction. When Klaang crashed on Earth, Archer convinced Adm. Forrest, the head of Starfleet, to let him take the Klingon back to his homeworld aboard the not yet ready, Enterprise. Klaang was abducted during the mission. During the successful rescue operation, Archer learned that the Suliban are operatives in a temporal cold war. After the mission, Archer requested that the temporary Vulcan science officer T'Pol and alien specialist Doctor Phlox remain aboard as permanent crew members. Archer has a pet beagle named Porthos that he keeps aboard Enterprise. (Broken Bow)

Archer's comet - Enterprise discovers a nearby comet - the largest one humans, and possibly Vulcans, have ever seen. It is rich in eisilium, a rare mineral which is difficult to study. It has come to be known as "Archer's comet". (Breaking the Ice)

Argon lamp - A light-producing device that increases argon levels in an atmosphere. Doctor Phlox used an argon lamp in an unsuccessful attempt to make a suitable environment for Sluggo. (Fight or Flight)

Arming torpedos - SEE: torpedo.

Armory - The ship's armory is located on F Deck and is supervised by Weapons Officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed. It is from the armory that torpedoes are physically launched from the ship. Other small weapons are also stored here until they are needed: Archer orders Reed to get to the Armory and start distributing hand weapons when he thought they were going to be boarded. (Fight or Flight)

Astrometric computer - A powerful processing unit located in San Francisco. Sub-Commander T'Pol felt that the astrometric computer was better able to track Suliban ships than the equipment aboard Enterprise. She recommended that Captain Archer abort their mission to Qo'noS in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Astronaut - A space traveller, typically from a non-warp culture; The Enterprise encountered a ship containing two Valakian astronauts a little less than 1 lightyear from their world. (Dear Doctor)

Autonomic system - A system that regulates involuntary action. Klaang's autonomic system was disrupted by the blast from Moore's plasma rifle in 2151. If not for his redundant neural functions he would have died. (Broken Bow)

Autosequencer - A subsystem of a starship's transporter that controls the actual transport process. It must be brought online prior to the transporter's use. (Broken Bow)

Auxiliary landing thrusters - The shuttlepod's auxiliary landing thrusters were damaged making it impossible to land. (Strange New World)

Auxiliary power - An emergency power system aboard Enterprise, activated when main power fails. When the Suliban cut off all power and boarded his ship Archer remarked "auxiliary power should have kicked in by now." (Broken Bow)

Axanar - Intelligent space-faring species. The Axanar are androgynous, humanoid bipeds with leathery skin. They have green blood, the molecules of which look like amino acids. They breathe a cold (-20 degrees) nitrogen-methane atmosphere. They have zymuth glands (in the left side of their neck?) which produce triglobulin. The Axanar live over four hundred years. The Axanar starships are roughly ninety-two meters in length, and have multiple decks. The hull is composed of tritanium and disilicon polymers. They have at least two external hatches (at least one of which is 0.9 meters in diameter). They are armed with directed energy weapons that emit a reddish colored beam. Their language: the grammar sounds bimodal. "duck dak door" appears to translate to "ship in" and "koonat seelah" means "distress". In 2151, an Axanar ship was overrun by unknown aliens that killed their crew of 15 (one was killed by a lethal dose of chloroxine, 3 by particle weapons). The corpses were hooked up to biopumps which flushed a fluid through their bodies to extract triglobulin. Enterprise discovered the ship and sent a distress call using her own transceiver. When another Axanar ship responded, first contact was made. Enterprise spent some time with them and helped them recover their dead crewmen. SEE: Vampire Aliens. (Fight or Flight)

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