Baresium - An asteroid composed mostly of baresium ore hit Terra Nova about 500km north of the colony, causing fatal radiation levels in half of the northern hemisphere for about a year. (Terra Nova)

Beacon - A small portable light source. Enterprise away teams are often equipped with hand-held beacons. (Broken Bow)

Beacon - A device to warn of danger. Archer orders a scan for Beacons at (Strange New World). Reed reports "none within range". (Strange New World)

Beacon, Emergency - Device to make it easy for others to locate you when in need of help. On the ECS Fortunate, the emergency beacon is separate from the communications system. (Fortunate Son)

Beacon, Head-mounted -Standard environmental suits include two head-mounted beacons. (Fight or Flight)

Beagle - A small hound (Canis familiaris) with a smooth coat, short legs, and drooping ears, historically used in hunting small game. Porthos is a beagle. (Broken Bow)

Bennett, Crewman - A female crewmember aboard Enterprise, assigned in the command branch. Doctor Phlox believed that Bennett and Crewman Hayden were preparing to mate in 2151, and asked Trip if he thought they would mind if he watched. (Fight or Flight)

Big Sur Aquarium - An establishment where aquatic collections of living organisms are kept and publicly exhibited located in California, on Earth. Sub-Commander T'Pol did not visit Big Sur Aquarium during her stay at the Vulcan Compound. Presently, there is no a Big Sur Aquarium, although there is the Monterey Aquarium in the same general location. (Broken Bow)

Bile - A yellow or greenish viscid alkaline digestive fluid secreted by the liver. Humans used to use the bile of black bears as an aphrodisiac. (Fight or Flight)

Bimodal grammar - A linguistic form where there are two systems of rules that define the grammatical structure of the language (i.e., the rules specifying what is to be preferred and what avoided in the syntax and classes of words, including their inflections, functions, and relations to each other in the sentence). The sets of grammar rules appear in the language in two distinct modes or statistical probablilities of occurring. Ensign Sato believed that Axanar uses a bimodal grammar. (Fight or Flight)

Biometric parameters - Daniels loads the Suliban "biometric paramaters" into his device in Main Engineering to try to locate Silik. (Cold Front)

Biomimetic garment - Article of clothing that changes appearance to match its environment. The Suliban wear bio-mimetic garments to augment their own camouflage abilities. (Broken Bow)

Biopump - Alien "hydraulic" system used to flush a fluid through the Axanar corpses in order to extract triglobulin. (Fight or Flight)

Bioscan - A scan to determine the number of lifesigns aboard a vessel. (Strange New World)

Bioscan, Submolecular - The "vampire aliens" used a submolecular bioscan to probe the crew of the Enterprise. (Fight or Flight)

Biosign - An indicator of living organisms. Bio-signs are used to distinguish between different organisms, allowing individuals or groups to be located. (Broken Bow)

Biotransport - A classification of transporter certification. Transporters approved for bio-transport can be used on living organisms. (Broken Bow)

Black bear - The common North American bear (Ursus americanus) ranging in color from brown or typical black to white. Humans used to use the bile of black bears as an aphrodisiac. (Fight or Flight)

Boomer, Space - A derivation of the handle "baby boomers" from the U.S. It refers to those born on and "native" to spacecraft, such as Ens. Mayweather, though the term has come to be used in reference to freighter crews in general. (Fortunate Son)

Brazil - A region in South America on Earth. Amazon University is located in Brazil. (Broken Bow)

Breadstick - Italian 'finger rolls' or stick bread, 15-45 cm (6-18 in) long, and normally crisp and dry. Sub-Commander T'Pol initially had difficulty eating a breadstick due to the Vulcan aversion to eating with the hands, but ultimately succeeded in doing so with a knife and fork. (Broken Bow)

Breathing apparatus - A device which allows the user to breathe in a hostile atmosphere. Lorillian children use breathing apparatuses that provide methyl oxide before they are weaned in favor of standard air. (Broken Bow)

Bridge - The bridge is the control and command center of the Enterprise and is located on A Deck. From the bridge any ship's operations can be overseen by the various bridge personnel stationed there. The primary bridge officers are in order of their ranking: Captain Jonathan Archer, Sub-Commander T'pol, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, Ensign Travis Mayweather, and Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Broken Bow - A city in Oklahoma. Broken Bow was the site of the first contact between Klingons and humans in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Bromelin - A plant enzyme found in pineapples. Reed is alergic to pineapples. (Silent Enemy)

Bronchial lobe - A rounded projection within a lung. Normal Suliban have three bronchial lobes per lung, but the genetically engineered Suliban have five. (Broken Bow)

Buddhism - Dr. Phlox attended Tibetan Buddhist religious services, suggesting that this belief has survived until at least the 22nd century. (Cold Front)

Buoy, Marker - A device used to mark a certain position, usually as a warning of danger. Archer orders a scan for Marker Buoys at (Strange New World). Reed reports "none within range". (Strange New World)

"Butterfly women" - Two female erotic dancers which use their long tounges to catch and eat butterflies during their act. at the Rigel X Trade Center. It is not known if the butterflies are real or holographic. A trader on the pretense of leading Travis and Reed to where he saw Klaang said he could arrange for the officers to meet them if they'd like. (Broken Bow)

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