Cabin - Housing quarters aboard Enterprise. The two-man cabins have stacked bunk beds with blue sheets and a locker against the opposite wall. (Cold Front)

Cabin E-14 - Quarters where Daniels and Taylor stayed. After it is discovered that Daniels had been from the future and was killed, Archer orders Taylor to be assigned new quarters and the cabin is sealed. "Who knows what else is in there." Reed seals the cabin with a drum-shaped device, which clamps over the handle. Its face has several blinking red lights. (Cold Front)

Captain's mess - The private dining room for the commanding officer of a starship and invited guests. The captain's mess aboard Enterprise has a table for four, though it can seat six if necessary. (Broken Bow)

Carlos (Ricky Luna) - A student in Ensign Sato's alien language class at Amazon University in 2151. Carlos had difficulties with some of the pronunciation of an alien language. (Broken Bow)

Central Security - Peacekeeping force at the Rigel X trading complex. Central Security had no record of Klaang's visit in 2151, but was able to direct T'Pol to the location of a Klingon enclave in the complex. (Broken Bow)

"Chef" - The nickname of Enterprise's mess officer. Travis claims Ent's chef is the best in Starfleet, and that Archer had to call in a lot of favors to get him. (Fortunate Son) Hoshi says he keeps his kitchen locked up tight presumably to keep people from cooking their own food. (Silent Enemy)

Chinese food - Variety of nourishment originating in China, on Earth. Doctor Phlox enjoys Chinese food, especially egg drop soup. (Broken Bow)

Chloraxine - A toxic chemical substance. One of the Axanar was killed by a lethal dose of chloraxine. (Fight or Flight)

Chopsticks - T'Pol experimented with using chopsticks. Trip, making a joke, called it "dinner and a show". (Silent Enemy)

Claustrophobia - An abnormal fear of being in an enclosed or confined place. Ensign Sato experiences claustrophobia in environmental suits. (Fight or Flight)

Clinton, Ensign Joshua (Steve Folger) - (Broken Bow)

Coaxial port - A component of the Suliban docking interface, initialized after releasing the inertial clamps. (Broken Bow)

Cochrane, Doctor Zephram (James Cromwell) - The first human to discover warp drive. In 2063, he completed work on the Phoenix, a prototype warp ship constructed from an old nuclear missile, a fitting metaphor following World War III. Upon the Phoenix's launch on 06 April 2063, the passing Vulcan scoutship T'Plana-Hath detected Cochrane's warp signature. The T'Plana-Hath landed at Cochrane's launch complex in Montana, making First Contact between Vulcans and humans. (Star Trek: First Contact) Later, Cochrane's team began work on a warp 5 engine. Cochrane spoke at the dedication of the Warp 5 Complex, devoted to the development of the engine in 2119. (Broken Bow)

Colonization - Early colonization attempts by humans include New Berlin on the moon, Utopia Plenitia on Mars, and a few asteroid colonies; Not all attempts were successful, e.g. the "lost" colony of Terra Nova. (Terra Nova)

Comet - SEE: Archer's Comet .

Command codes - Daniels requested Archer's command codes to be able to find the Suliban. (Cold Front)

Comm link - Hoshi wanted to stay behind and maintain an open comm link so she could have instant access to the linguistic database. (Fight or Flight)

Comm panel - A wall or surface-mounted unit aboard starships to facilitate intraship communications. (Broken Bow)

Comm system - Silik somehow sent an encrypted message through Enterprise's comm system. (Cold Front)

Communications Tower - Enterprise had the schematics for Terra Nova's comm tower. They were able to retreive its data buffer and so to access the colony's last transmission logs. (Terra Nova)

Communicator - A portable Personal communications device. Communicators provide individuals a means of voice transmission from a planetary surface to an orbiting spacecraft or other nearby facility, or between the members of a landing party. Early versions of the communicator were compact handheld units with a flip-up antenna grid. (Broken Bow) Communicators also provide a means for a ship's transporter system to determine the exact coordinates of a crew member for transport back to the ship. (Andorian Incident) Starfleet communicators include rudimentary universal translators. (Civilization)

Compound retina - A combination of more than one light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball. The modified Suliban have compound retinas, giving them superior vision. (Broken Bow)

Conestoga - A colony ship under captain Mitchell launched from Earth in 2067 for the planet Terra Nova. The journey was a one-way trip of about 9 years. The ship was designed to be disassembled into housing units to be used to build the colony. (Terra Nova)

Cook, Billy - A childhood friend of Jonathan Archer. Billy thought that humans would have reached warp five by 2121 if not for the Vulcans. (Broken Bow)

Coolant tank - A large container for storing a fluid or other material to draw off heat. There are coolant tanks aboard Enterprise in main engineering. Locking off the coolant tanks is a common procedure if main power fails. (Broken Bow)

Coridan - Archer found this planet in the Vulcan database. The planet has just over three billion people on it. Their population is mostly concentrated in several large cities in the equitorial region. The Vulcan database has no information on what the people are like. The Vulcans have a mining agreement with the government. The Andorians are there in violation of the Tau Ceti Accords because there are several rebel factions, all against the corrupt government which is tied to the Vulcans. (Shadows of P'jem) Coridan plane: A tapered cylindrical fuselage, slightly wider at the back. Two small pods or fins at the nose. Two narrow wings, about the length of the fuselage, mounted at the very back. Each has a slightly swept-back leading edge, and a small rectangular flap at the trailing edge's tip. (Shadows of P'jem)

Coridan Starship Construction Yards - Archer, playing a joke on Tucker, tells him that Coridan had the largest Starship Construction Yards in the sector whose products could "run rings around" Vulcan ships and maybe even reach warp 7. (Shadows of P'Jem)

Cormaline - T'Pol says the cave walls are composed of limestone and cormaline. (Strange New World)

Corn - Any of numerous cultivated forms of a widely grown, usually tall annual cereal grass (Zea mays) bearing grains or kernels on large ears. Klaang crashed into a corn field on Earth in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Cortical regeneration - Phlox diagnoses that Keene's "neural pathways" were "disrupted" by the Nausicaan weapons. He prescribes "a cortical regeneration", which will take two to three days, in Ent's sickbay. (Fortunate Son)

County Clare, Ireland - Enterprise got letters with questions from kids in this town. ()

Course - The course Enterprise is following is one which Starfleet has assigned to it. (Fight or Flight)

Crater, Judge - One of the greatest missing person mysteries of the 20th century. (Terra Nova)

Crew mess - A large dining hall for feeding the crew of a starship. (Broken Bow) Sometimes a buffet-style meal is served in the mess hall, instead of the usual individual use of the resequencers. (Unexpected)

Cross, Ryan - A human male. (Fortunate Son)

Crossbow - Riaan wields a sort of collapsible mini crossbow. (Civilization)

Cutler, Crewman Elizabeth (Kellie Waymire) - A female Enterprise crew member (brunette, blue eyes, 2 pips) who specializes in entomology (insects). She is friends with Crewman Novakovich. She had begun attempting to befriend Sub-Commander T'Pol, and sampled some Vulcan cuisine (Plomeek broth). She became part of a landing party that camped on (Strange New World), where she and the other members of the team were affected by hallucinogenic pollen. (Strange New World)

Cyclohexane - A colorless liquid. The gas giant containing the Suliban Helix features a layer of cyclohexane in its upper atmosphere. (Broken Bow)

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