Dampening Field - There is a dampening field around Garos' shop which prevents beaming. (Civilization)

Daniels, crewman (Matt Winston) - An agent in the temporal cold war, posing as a steward aboard Enterprise. The rank insignia on Daniels' shoulder resembles the two pips for a lieutenant, but Archer calls him "Crewman". Archer is served breakfast by Daniels, who switched shifts with Taylor. Daniels approaches Archer in a corridor with knowledge he shouldn't have about Archer's fight with Silik aboard the Helix, and thereby convinces him to come to his quarters to talk. Daniels claims to have come from 900 years in the future, and to be "more or less human". Daniels' cover story included a brother who's an "orbital engineer" at "Jupiter Station". He did grew up in Illinois, just "not the one you're familiar with"; Earth still exists, depending on how you define it. He has some special devices in his possession. One of them is an ovoid device called a "temporal observatory". He uses it to convince Archer he is from the future and needs access to Main Engineering to fulfill his mission of finding Silik. He has a second ovoid device while in Engineering which isn't specifically keyed to him since we see Trip inadvertently activate it. He also has a third brass-knuckle like device which allows him to pass through solid objects. When Silik finds Daniels first, he fires at him, and Daniels at first fades and wavers. It looked like he was fighting the beam; trying to shrug it off. Then a blue ripple flows from the impact. He seemed to have succeeded in dispersing the shot, but was weakened from it. With a second shot, he explodes into angular chunks like broken glass and a dissipating mist. He is presumed dead. (Cold Front)

Database - A collection of knowledge contained in a computer file. Various types of databases are available in the Enterprise's computers. SEE: Vulcan database.

Deck Plan - A schematic of the layout of the decks and what is on them.

Deck Major Features

  • A Deck: Bridge, captain's ready room
  • B Deck: Crew quarters, power distribution systems, sensor arrays, service junction 59
  • C Deck: Observation deck, main engineering high bay, power transfer conduits
  • D Deck: Main engineering, transporter pad, junior officers' quarters, enlisted officers' quarters
  • E Deck: general Captain's quarters, senior officers' quarters, mess hall, sickbay, science labs, launch bay access and flight control, deflector access, impulse reactor section 7 (where two crewmen were found after being attacked by an unknown alien - Silent Enemy) , cabin E-14 Daniel's cabin (sealed after his "death" - Cold Front)
  • F Deck: Armory, torpedo magazine, shuttlepod launch doors, observation deck
  • G Deck: Computer systems, sensor access

    Decon chamber - An enclosed compartment for the elimination of harmful substances and organisms from the body. Enterprise has a decon chamber for use upon return to the ship from a planet. The chamber is lit with ultraviolet light and features small compartments labeled alphabetically for the transfer of decon-gel. (Broken Bow) A stay in the decon chamber appears to be a pleasurable experience much like being in a sauna. The absence of sonic showers on Enterprise makes one wonder if the decon chamber eventually might have evolved into the sonic shower technology. (Sleeping Dogs)

    Decon gel - A semisolid liquid for the elimination of harmful substances and organisms from the body. Decon-gel is customized to the specific substance or organism to be eliminated. It is employed primarily in the decon chamber aboard Enterprise. (Broken Bow)

    Deflector - A device used to clear space dust and other small objects from a starship's path. Enterprise has a golden dish-shaped deflector at the forward primary hull. Reed said that if he didn't realign the deflector that a grain of space dust could blow a hole through the ship about the size of a fist. Upon reaching warp 4.4, a shudder ran through the ship which was merely the result of the deflector sequencing. (Broken Bow)

    Denobula Triaxa - SEE: Denobulans

    Denobulans - SEE: Denobulans

    Department - Color stripes on the uniform shoulders indicate department.

  • Gold - Command (Archer & Mayweather)
  • Burgundy Red - Engineering & Tactical (Tucker & Reed)
  • Green - Communications (Sato)
    There doesnít seem to be a separate color for security and we havenít seen one for the sciences or medical yet.

    Depth charge - An explosive charge designed for detonation at a preset depth under water or in a planet's atmosphere. The Suliban employed depth charges against Enterprise in the gas giant containing the Suliban Helix. (Broken Bow)

    Dermoline gel - Used to treat first degree burns resulting from a ruptured nitrogen line. (Dear Doctor)

    Devil - In Christianity, the major personified spirit of evil, ruler of hell, and enemy of God. Captain Archer compared the Suliban acquisition of genetic engineering technology to a deal with the devil. (Broken Bow)

    Diagnostic - Analysis programs intended to permit automated determination of system performance and diagnosis of any malfunctions. Hoshi was running a diagnostic of the subspace transceiver array after the launch of Echo two. (Silent Enemy)

    Dicobalt Explosives - The Coridan Chancellor explains that the rebels always demand a ransom such as "side arms", or "dicobalt explosives"in exchange for hostages. (Shadows of P'jem)

    Dilithium - Mineral, used in a warp core to control matter/antimatter-reactions. (chemical name: 2<5>6-dilithium-2<:>1-diallosilicate-1:9:1-heptoferranide. This strange formula and way of describing chemical compounds is called 'forced-matrix'.) Beams of matter and antimatter are fired against each other, through the crystal grid of dilithium. Dilithium is the only known form of matter that is non-reactive with antimatter when it is exposed to an electromagnetic field in the order of megawatts. It permits the antideuterium in the warp core to pass through the crystal without annihilating, making it capable of regulating the entire annihilation-process in the warp core.

    Dillard (Mike Baldridge) - An engineer on Enterprise. (Unexpected)

    Disruptor - Very common type of energy weapon. It disrupts the molecular structure of an object. At low energy amounts, the object can recover, but at high energy amounts, the damage is severe. When he crashed on Earth in 2151, Klaang used a disruptor to detonate methane in a farm silo and kill the Suliban who were pursuing him. Klaang's weapon was never named in the episode, but the script called it a disruptor. This is consistent with later Klingon weapons. (Broken Bow)

    Ditanium - Enterprise found a Ditanium signature that's probably their shuttlepod, 4-km outside the city which they were approaching when they were shot down. (Shadows of P'jem)

    DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule that carries the genetic information in the cell and is capable of self-replication and determines individual hereditary characteristics. Suliban DNA was modified through genetic engineering. Klaang carried information about them encoded in his own DNA in 2151. (Broken Bow)

    Docking arm - A device to capture smaller spacecraft and bring them into a starship. The Enterprise docking arm includes deployable grapplers. (Broken Bow) Archer ordered them to deploy the docking arm while at a distance of 8000km from the ship. (Fight or Flight)

    Docking interface - A system to couple vehicles together. The Suliban docking interface was a maglock with inertial clamps. (Broken Bow)

    Dralax - A planet, inhabited by females that have three (sentance was not finished). (Broken Bow) Travis was born halfway between "Dralax" and "Vega Colony", on "the Dralax-Vega run". Dralaxian Whiskey: Keene offers Archer "Dralaxian whiskey". (Fortunate Son)

    Drive Plasma - When an alien ship fires on and damages the port nacelle, it is reported to be venting drive plasma. (Silent Enemy)

    Dutara root - Food that grows on the walls of the Xyrillian ship. Dutara root is Ah'Len's favorite food. (Unexpected)

    Duval - A mutual acquaintence of Trip and Archer. In late August 2151 he promoted and got command of his own ship, the "Shenandoah"; Archer's glad "he's a hundred light years away". (Silent Enemy)

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