Earth - Third planet in the Terran system, homeworld to humans. Daniels indicates that in the 31st century Earth still exists depending on how you define it. (Cold Front)

Echo - Echo One and Echo Two are the names of the first subspace amplifiers "dropped by Enterprise. Echo Two was cleanly launched at a distance of 100 light years from earth. But it and Echo One were destroyed by an alien race. (Silent Enemy)

ECS - stands for "Earth Cargo Ship". It was not printed on the hull: only the word "FORTUNATE" appears on either side of the forward section of the ship, no prefix. "ECS" is used in the dialogue. e.g. T'Pol opens the briefing with "The Earth cargo ship Fortunate." (Note, that's the capitalization used in the closed captions, and "Fortunate" is italicized.) (Fortunate Son)

Eel therapy - The application of osmotic eels to heal muscle injuries. Captain Archer underwent eel therapy after being shot in the leg by a Suliban weapon. (Broken Bow)

Egg drop soup - A liquid Chinese food made by stirring beaten eggs into a simmering broth. Doctor Phlox enjoys egg drop soup. (Broken Bow)

Eisilium - A rare material found in Archer's comet. (Breaking the Ice)

Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum - The entire range of photon radiation including, in order of decreasing frequency, cosmic-rays, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves. Phosphorus can distort EM communications bands. (Broken Bow)

EM - SEE: electromagnetic spectrum.

EM33 - An EM sidearm, Precursor to phase pistols, similar operation. (Fight or Flight)

EM sidearms - Hoshi is cleared on the use of EM sidearms. SEE: EM33 (Fight or Flight)

Endocrine system - The system of ductless glands in the human that secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream or other body fluids. Doctor Phlox developed a fondness for the human endocrine system. (Broken Bow)

Energy field - A projection of energy. If it is designed to prevent access it is more commonly known as a force field. The Suliban employed energy fields to contain prisoners at the Rigel X trade complex. (Broken Bow)

Engine - The main propulsion of the ship. Mayweather reversed the engines to avoid hitting an alien ship which came out of warp 500km ahead of them. (Silent Enemy)

Engineering - Main Engineering is located on D Deck. Its upper level is part of C Deck. (Cold Front) It is supervised by Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III. The Enteprise's warp five engine is located in Engineering. All of the ships' mechanical operations and repairs are either done in or supervised from Engineering.

Enterprise, NX-01 - A Starfleet vessel.

  • Registry number: NX-01 Class: NX-class (there are three more on the drawing boards) (Fortunate Son).
  • Dimensions: overall length: 225m width at the aft-outboard edges of the "impulse rocket" fairings: 74m length from bow to impulse rocket fairings: 164m average width between inboard surfaces of the nacelles: 101m.
  • Mass: 80,000 metric tonnes.
  • Propulsion: the first human vessel and the only one in Starfleet which has a Warp 5 engine. (Fortunate Son)
  • Crew compliment: 87; But there are currently only 83 crewmembers aboard (not counting Porthos) - 81 Humans, 1 Vulcan, and 1 Denobulan. (Silent Enemy) Tucker said there were 82 crewmen aboard but presumably he wasn't counting T'Pol or himself in that conversation. (Strange New World)
  • Defensive mechanisms: No shields, only equipped with retractable polarized hull plating. No tractor beams, only magnetic grapplers.
  • Offensive Armaments: Enterprise mounts laser cannons, hull-retracting plasma-charged artillery turrets and spatial torpedoes. It has at least six torpedo tubes: two pairs forward, numbered 1-2-3-4 port-to-starboard, (Favorite Son) plus two aft aft-pointing missile tubes, located on the curve of the ventral saucer. (Civilization)
  • Shuttlepods: Enterprise has two shuttlepods for away team transportation each carrying six passengers and a pilot. They are launched using a magnetic arm, which lowers them through bomb bay doors below the hull of the ship and then releases them. Used for ship to shore, ship to ship, and ship to station transportation. Capable of sub-warp speeds only.
  • Replicators: The Enterprise stocks regular foodstuffs but has primitive replicators, or protein resequencers, that can produce limited items like pasta or beverages.
  • Transporters: No bio-filters. Crewmembers must decontaminate themselves in a Decon Chamber. Transporters are normally only used for cargo, and though the transporters have been approved for bio-transport they are rarely used to transport humans.
  • Communications: Long-range communications only possible while at warp. Intra-ship communications through touch-panel only. Away teams will carry communicators with primitive universal translators in them. (Broken Bow)
  • Important Events: Enterprise was launched from Spacedock in 2151 under the command of Captain Archer. The launch was some three weeks before schedule, to transport Klaang to Kronos after his crash on Earth. (Broken Bow) Notes: The ship does not have a pool onboard, (Strange New World) No sonic showers yet as Archer is seen taking a water shower. (Unexpected) SEE Also: Deck plan.

    Environmental suit - Protective garments designed to maintain life-support in hostile environments. They make Hoshi claustrophobic. (Fight or Flight)

    Esaak - The director of a research center dedicated to finding a cure to the disease plaguing Valakis. (Dear Doctor)

    Evolution - The natural process that results in inheritable changes in a population which is spread over many generations. The Suliban were dissatisfied with the rate of their own evolution and genetically engineered themselves to have superior abilities. (Broken Bow) According to Dr. Phlox "Evolution is more than a theory. It is a fundamental scientific principle". (Dear Doctor)

    EV pack - Rig which provides Extra-Vehicular life support. Tucker's EV pack malfunctioned on Titan during the omega training mission, inducing nitrogen narcosis. (Strange New World)

    Exobiology - Archer took Exobiology and knew the statistic which T'Pol stated that "one out of every 43,000 planets supports intelligent life. (Fight or Flight)

    Exolinguist - a person who studies alien languages. Hoshi is an exolinguist. (Fight or Flight)

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