Galley - The kitchen of a starship. SEE Also: Mess Hall Broken Bow"

Garos - An alien posing as an antiques dealer on the Akaali homeworld. Garos claims to be from the Malurian system, that he led a survey mission to the Akaali world 2-y earlier, and decided to stay. We have no independent confirmation that Garos is a Malurian (eg, from T'pol); so that might be a cover story for fellow starfarers. He was actually there secretly mining veridium isotope. His mining operations were contaminating the ground water which was poisoning the local Akaali. (Civilization)

Garos' People (Malurian?) - Appearance - Archer stuns an alien and peels off a mask to reveal bumpy grey reptilian skin. Language - The alien GUIs have a black background with yellow, grey-green, and blue graphics. The text consists of letters with a predominantly triangular form (horizontals, verticals, 60-degree diagonals, but no curves or diacritical dots), and is written in horizontal lines. Three font sizes are visible. Archer does *not* intuitively understand the alien symbology of the controls, and can't decide which button shuts off the "dampening field" around the shop: blue or yellow? Yet Archer didn't seem to have a problem with the combinations on the Malurian remote control for the doors. Shuttle - Archer and Riaan see a large alien shuttlecraft, which hovers (probably antigravs, as there is no sign of thruster wash). It uses a green-tinged tractor beam to fetch several large crates into a ventral hatch. Ship - The alien ship has shields. The alien ship is larger than the Enterprise It is basically ovoid, with a vertical gap at the nose (surrounded by two pontoon-like lateral flanges that meet at the bow) and a horizontal gap in the tail (with a flattish narrow dorsal "tail"). Its shields flare green when hit by weapons fire. Transporter - the alien transporter effect consists of waving swirls of white against a glow that shades from purple (at the center) to yellow (at the edges). The aliens have bio-capable transport; (Garos and his two cronies beam out.) Weapons - The alien hand weapons fire yellow beams. Civilization"

Gas giant - A type of large planet composed primarily of gas. Archer thought the gas giant which contained the Suliban Helix within its atmosphere was a class 6 or 7. It turned out to be a class 7 gas giant. It had a radiation belt which dissipated warp trails going through it. However, Enterprise was able to compensate for this by recalibrating their sensor array to a narrow band, short to mid-range, and measuring particle density in the thermosphere. (Broken Bow)

Genetic engineering - The scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism. The Suliban employed advanced genetic engineering to give themselves extraordinary physical abilities. The level of engineering was beyond Doctor Phlox's experience. (Broken Bow)

Genome - The total genetic content contained in an organism's deoxyribonucleic acid. Silik noted the close similarity between the human genome and that of an ape. (Broken Bow)

Geosynchronous orbit - The Ent can't detect the alien ship that was (they conclude) hidden in "geosynchronous" orbit on the far side of the planet. (Civilization)

Geothermal shaft - A part of a power generation system using internal planetary heat. The Rigel X trading complex uses geothermal shafts in its power system. (Broken Bow)

Ghost Story - Mayweather tells a ghost story around the campfire on Strange New World. T'Pol says there are no ghost stories on Vulcan. SEE: Webb, George. (Strange New World)

Grand Canyon - A gorge of the Colorado River in northwest Arizona. Sub-Commander T'Pol never visited the Grand Canyon during her months at the Vulcan Compound. (Broken Bow)

Grappler - The grappler is a device that shoots out a projectile attached to a high strength cable at a high velocity, much like a harpoon gun. The Enterprise docking arm contains two grapplers. When the two are used simultaneously they are shot out parallel to each other. The projectiles grab onto their target by means of a maglock, which is then reeled in and secured in the launch bay. The grappler can be used offensively to capture small ships or to retrieve and bring onboard any other space objects too big for the transporter system to handle, but of a size less than or equal to a small shuttle. (Broken Bow)

Gravimetric field displacement manifold - commonly known as the warp reactor. (Cold Front)

Gravity, Artificial - The gravity on the Enterprise is set to "earth, sea level". Mayweather's father used to always keep the gravity at 0.8 g. (Broken Bow)

Gravity plating - Duranium sheeting is convertible into gravity plating. "Alice" [VOY] The freighter has "gravity plating" that can be adjusted to near-zero, and apparently to "Earth sea level". (Fortunate Son)

Green tea - A type of tea prepared from leaves not fermented before drying. T'Pol prefers hot green tea to the other varieties served aboard Enterprise. (Breaking the Ice)

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