Maglock - A system utilizing magnetic force to attach two objects. The Enterprise grapplers use maglocks. These locks can be disrupted by the presence of eisilium. (Breaking the Ice)

Magnetic constrictor - Component of a starship's warp core. A series of "magnetic constrictors" align the "positron stream", with automatic backups if any escape. SEE: positron flow. (Cold Front)

Magnetic Shield - Trip picks the lock on Garos' shop, but the metal hatch inside is protected by "some kind of magnetic shield". (Civilization)

Main Engineering - Daniels needs access to Main Engineering to locate the Suliban aboard the ship. (Cold Front)

Make Up - Phlox provides makeup that replicates the "dermal ridges" of the Akaali, It itches at first, but he claims that will subside. He uses a long-handled paint brush, as though blending makeup. (Civilization)

Malurian - Archer meets an alien named Garos on the Akaali homeworld who claims to be a Malurian. SEE: Garos, Garos' people. (Civilization)

Manifold, gravimetric field displacement - SEE: Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold. (Cold Front)

Marker Buoys - SEE: Buoys, Marker.

Matalas - Dr. Phlox once was almost overwhelmed by 50 patients in a refugee camp on Matalas. (Dear Doctor)

Matter Stream - There were contaminants in the matter stream. (Strange New World)

Maureen - A waitress which Reed was infatuated with. (Silent Enemy)

Mayweather, Ensign Travis (Anthony Montgomery) - The helmsman of Enterprise. Mayweather was born around 2123 aboard the E.C.S. Horizon, about halfway between Draylax and Vega Colony. He was raised as a space boomer, living aboard the Horizon for his entire childhood. Mayweather was fascinated by the lost colony of Terra Nova as a kid and promised his dad that he would see it one day. He felt that the mystery of lost colonies affected boomers more than anyone else- there is something about people who chose to live off world. (Terra Nova) During his fourth, fifth, and sixth grade years, Mayweather's family traveled to Trillius Prime. He also visited both the Teneebian moons and Draylax, where he experienced the female natives' unique endowments "first hand, second hand, and third hand". (Broken Bow) His parents ran cargo ships for 23 years. (Strange New World) Mayweather broke with boomer tradition when he joined Starfleet, leaving the rest of his family aboard the Horizon. His sister and her husband are still aboard the Horizon. (Fortunate Son) When Enterprise investigated the Terra Nova colony in 2151, Mayweather wrote the official report at the request of Captain Archer. (Terra Nova) A few weeks later, the helmsman accompanied Lieutenant Reed to Archer's Comet, only the third time he had ever seen snow. (Breaking the Ice)

Meat Loaf - Travis recommends avoiding the "resequenced meat loaf". (Fortunate Son)

Menk - A second humanoid species on the planet Valakis. They're "not as evolved" as the dominant Valakians, and not susceptible to the disease ravaging their world; but study of them hasn't been of help. The Enterprise crew are surprised at their co-existence with the Valakians. The Valakians force the Menk to live on land that isn't good for farming, but provide well for them; so the Menk are happy. (Dear Doctor)

Microcharges - Exposives that Reed suggests using to open the hatch on the Axanar ship. (Fight or Flight)

Minshara-class planet - "suitable for humanoid life," Strange New World is a Minshara class planet. (Strange New World) The Akaali homeworld is a Minshara class planet. (Civilization) This is probably where the M-class planet designation came from.

Miraceen - 40ccs of the drug shortens the time Tucker must go through decompression on the Xyrillian ship by half (down to 3 hours). (Unexpected)

Mission - Enterprise is on a mission of exploration. (Silent Enemy)

Mitchell, Captain - Captain of the Conestoga, the Terra Nova colonization vessel. (Terra Nova)

M'klexa - A warp-capable race which had visited the planet Valakis , but quickly abandoned the planet's inhabitants when they found out about an illness plaguing the planet. The inhabitants asked for the secret of warp technology, so that they could seek help elsewhere, but the M'klexans wouldn't share it with them. The Vulcans have never heard of the M'klexans. (Dear Doctor)

Moore - Corn farmer from Broken Bow, Oklahoma who shot and nearly killed Klaang with a plasma rifle (named in homage after DS9 producer Ron D. Moore). (Broken Bow)

Movies - There are over 50,000 movies in the Enterprise database according to Mayweather. They include: "Night of the Killer Androids" (Cold Front) "For Whom the Bell Tolls", and "Sunset Boulevard"; Tucker became teary eyed when watching "For Whom the Bell Tolls" but said only that he had something in his eye. Denobulans had something similar to movies "a few hundred years ago", but they went out of fashion when people realized their own lives were more interesting. (Dear Doctor)

Myofibers - The numerous threadlike strands that make up a skeletal muscle fiber (like in a leg muscle). Osmotic eel therapy "fuses" myofibers and thus is used to treat muscle damage caused by particle weapons. (Broken Bow)

"Mystery Meals" - What boomer kids, specifically those on the Horizon and Fortunate, call nutripacks. SEE: Nutripacks (Fortunate Son)

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