Nasal Numbing Agent - This was given to T'Pol so she would be able to tolerate the smell of humans. Dialog indicates she needs to take it on a daily basis. (The Andorian Incident)

Natalie - "Natalie from Pensacola" has apparently broken up with Tucker. (Silent Enemy)

Natural selection - A natural process that results in the survival and reproductive success of only the individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment, while those less adapted tend to be eliminated. The genetic qualities of those best suited to their environment are passed on to succeeding generations. The Suliban don't share humanity's patience with the slow pace of natural selection. (Broken Bow)

Nausicaa - SEE: Nausicaans

Nausicaans - SEE: Nausicaans

Naymart, crewman - Dr. Phlox thinks crewman Naymart eats large quantities of food. (Fight or Flight)

Neptune - A gas giant planet, eighth in the Sol system. Neptune is orbited by eight moons and a narrow ring system. Enterprise can traverse the distance from Earth to Neptune and back in six minutes. (Broken Bow)

Neutrino emissions - The Ent handheld sensor units (not called tricorders) can detect neutrino emissions. The emissions emanate from 8-m below an antiques shop. We can only guess at the mechanism whereby it might do this since neutrinos are known to pass through miles of matter without any interactions. It has been suggested that force fields could stop neutrinos with higher efficiency than mere matter. A pity the Enterprise has no shields or tractors, which implies a lack of force field technology. The neutrino emissions are taken as evidence that there could be an antimatter reactor .I'm not sure if there are any actual matter-antimatter reaction that produces neutrinos. Electron-positron annihilation produces gamma rays, and proton-antiproton annihilation produces various pi-mesons, IIRC. Pions decay to muons plus some bodacious gamma rays, and muons decay to neutrinos. (Civilization) Dreadnought is able to deflect its image to another location with a sensor echo, Torres tells Kim to look for a surge in neutrino emissions within 100,000 kilometers to find its true location. Perhaps there was an antimatter reactor aboard?"Dreadnought" [VOY]

Neutron star - A very unusual triplet of neutron stars is detected. (Civilization)

New Berlin - An early (possibly the first) off-world colony established on the moon. (Terra Nova)

Niaxilin - A dose of Niaxilin will help to separate the "combatants" during Denobulan mating. (Dear Doctor)

"Night of the Killer Androids" - movie shown on Enterprise and seen by Mayweather and Reed. Both of whom agree that was "two hours" they want back. (Cold Front)

Nitrogen Narcosis - Condition that arose because of a malfunction in Trip's EV pack. (Strange New World)

Nitrogen sulfide - A radical compound, composed of one nitrogen and one sulfur atom. Enterprise explored an allegedly inhabited planet a few lightyears from Qo'noS with a nitrogen sulfide atmosphere in 2151. Hoshi implied that because of the atmosphere the inhabitants would be non-humanoid. (Broken Bow)

North Star - The name of a freighter which suffered an unspecified disaster that is apparently well known among boomers. Matthew Ryan of the Fortunate was one of the survivors. His parents were lost however. Fortunate Son"

Novakovich, Crewman Ethan (Henri Lubatti) - Human male. (brun, blue, 2 pips) Friend of crewman Cutler . He was the first of the landing party to succumb to the psychotropic effects of the native flora on Strange New World. Probably due to the fact that he picked a pair of yellow flowers and inhaled deeply early into the mission to explore the planet. After a storm forced them to seek shelter in a cave, he began to shiver, then hear voices. He became paranoid and ran out into the storm. Reed beamed up Novakovich from the midst of the windstorm, but because of contaminants in the matter stream Novakovich materialized with leaves and other material embedded in his skin. He nearly died in sickbay when it was realized that there was a previously undetected toxin from the planet in his system, however he did recover. (Strange New World)

Novans - SEE: Novans .

Nutripacks - A food source that freighter crews often revert to when fresh food is not available. Both Fortunate and Horizon kids refer to them as "Mystery Meals". Apparently moms can use them in very creative cooking. (Fortunate Son)

NX class - Enterprise is an "NX-class starship"; Travis claims that three more "NX-class" ships like Ent are "on the drawing boards". (Fortunate Son)

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