Particle weapon - Silik's handgun fires a yellow beam which stuns Archer. According to Doctor Phlox, the weapon Silik used on Archer was a particle weapon. A hypo to the neck was sufficient to wake him. (Cold Front)

Pasta - one of the things that can be made by the "resequencer". Trip made a comment about how he liked a particular type of pasta that was served during one of their meals. (Fight or Flight)

Phase Canon - A phase-modulated energy weapon. The canon appears to be a modular design comprised of 3 major pieces since we see it divide up into 3 parts on a viewscreen in the background. We see a rotating diagram of a blunt cylindrical device suspended from a vertically-pivoted frame which we learn later are retractable turrets. Each of Enterprise's three "phase cannons" have a rated maximum output of 500-gigajoules and can sustain fire for several seconds. That's 1.195e11 calories, enough energy to, in one second, raise 1.195e6-liters of water (a cube of water 10-m on a side) from freezing to boiling. Enterprise was designed to carry 3 phase canons, and was fitted with "phase cannon ports". The canons were supposed to have been installed at Jupiter Station but never were because Enterprise left Earth a few weeks ahead of schedule. Enterprise did have one prototype unit on board which they had to get up and running, and then build 2 more from scratch. Trip and Reed initially gave a figure of 2 weeks to do the work, or one week if done by the specially trained crew at Jupiter Station. However they managed to cut that figure to 48 hrs (2 days) working round the clock and taking some short-cuts such as drawing power directly from the impulse engines rather than the normal connection. The installation team consisted of at least five men and two women (all red stripes). The firing sequence is to first acquire a target lock, then to "charge" the weapon: this step apparently includes sending full power to the primary coils, then when the guns are ready and standing by, they can be fired by pressing a button located in the Armory much the same way they were fired from the Phaser Control Room. In their first test, both forward canons were fired. The weapons seem to be self-contained devices rather than emitters for centrally produced "phaser-energy" or such. However the need to fire both together instead of only one in a test might indicate that some of the short cuts taken meant that one cannon couldn't work alone at this point. Twin orange beams are emitted, each from an aperture below and centered on the dual torpedo ports (on the forward side of the lower saucer). An alien device overloaded the phase-modulators causing the blast to be 10 times what was expected. A piece of an asteroid the size of Mt. McKinley was vaporized. However, the plasma recoil blew out relays on decks C and D. Later the canons were intentionally overloaded to provide the same high blast yeild. The plasma recoil from this overload, because of the damage caused by the first one, would have "knocked out" 2 decks. Tucker quickly devised a way to absorb the recoil by repolarizing the gravity plating and shunted the rest to structural integrity. Consequently the only damage this time was that they blew out the plasma relays on B deck. This time the canons were able to be repaired and back on line within an hour. The aft canon was to be up and running about a day later. (Silent Enemy)

Phase Discriminator - A component of the transporter. Reed beams up Novakovich from the midst of the windstorm. He reports "contaminants in the matter stream" that the "phase discriminator can't isolate". He materializes with leaves and leaf-sized pebble-shaped things embedded in his skin. (Strange New World)

Phase Pistol - A hand-weapon based on new technology, first used in the field on the Enterprise NX-01. They have 2 settings, Stun and Kill. A new technical development in this era, and presumably a fore-runner of the Phaser. They must have been brought on board prior to the ship's departure, however they were'nt issued for the expedition to Rigel. Presumably the pistols they carried on that occasion were judged ineffective when pitted against the Suliban particle weapons, or there was still some assembly or tuning of the phase pistols required. They were available however, when Captain Archer and Chief Engineer Commander Tucker needed them to infiltrate the Suliban Helix later. (Broken Bow) A phase-pistol is able to detonate flammable street lamp oil which ignites (Riaan explains) at "398 degrees". Archer seems to adjust some controls(?) on the right side of the phase-pistol before firing, implying it has more than just "stun" and "kill" settings. Phase-pistols fire orange beams. (Civilization) This may be the same 'continuous firing' mode used for cutting the subterranean tree. (Terra Nova) To see how effective phase pistols fare against certain alien species, please look up the references for that particular alien. During a hostage situation, the terrorists demand 40 phase pistols from Enterprise; Reed points out they only have 15. (Shadows of P'jem)

Phelibia - Part of a saying by Dr. Phlox: "When in Phelibia, do as the Phelibians do." (Unexpected)

Phlox, Dr. - A Denobulan. He is a doctor and a scientist. (Dear Doctor) Not long after becoming a physician there was an explosion aboard a cargo ship orbiting his homeworld. He was part of the first medical teams to arrive. There were 17 dead on the bridge alone. He had never seen that many dead bodies in one place before and found the experience very disturbing. (Fight or Flight) He once was almost overwhelmed by 50 patients in a refugee camp on Matalas. (Dear Doctor) Dr. Phlox was stationed on Earth as part of the Vulcan Interspecies Medical Exchange Program. (Broken Bow) While on Earth, Phlox explored multiple religious traditions; he attended the "Tal-Shanar" ceremonies at the Vulcan Consulate. (Cold Front) He was assigned to the Enterprise when the crew was hastily assembled. He has a facination for humanity and their social interactions. (Broken Bow) Ensign Cutler develops feelings for him in his first onboard romance. He has three wives, each of which has three husbands. (Dear Doctor)

Phoenix - The first human vessel to travel at warp speed. Built by Zephram Cochrane and his assistant Lily. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Phonetic Processor - When the translator wouldn't lock onto Klaang's dialect and the syntax wouldn't align, Hoshi suggested that they run what they had through the phonetic processor. (Broken Bow) The phonetic processor had trouble locking onto the Axanar language. This caused words which meant "2 days ago" to be mistranslated as "2 years ago". (Fight or Flight)

Pineapple - Malcolm Reed's favorite food. (Silent Enemy)

P'jem - A Vulcan monastery used for the Kolinar. The monastery had been built 3000 years earlier. Technology is considered a distraction. Visitors should not speak to anyone unless spoken to first. Upon conclusion of a visit, the visitor is often given a Stone of Jicar to go on their journey which represents the foundation of all they believe - that life has order. One of the founders was master Hadok. Secretly, the monastery served as a front for a covert surveilance operation so the Vulcans could spy on the Andorians in violation of their treaty. It is also the sight of first contact between Humans and Andorians. (The Andorian Incident) The Andorians gave the Vulcan monks and intelligence operatives three hours warning before "bombarding" and destroying the sanctuary at P'Jem. The Vulcan High Command was displeased and blamed Archer and T'Pol for this incident which "destabilized an entire sector". Ambassador Soval was summoned back to Vulcan for consultation and in the meantime, Joint Fleet Operations were to be suspended. (Shadows of P'Jem)

Planetary Classes - SEE: Minshara.

Plasma cannons - After the ship shudders from the Nausicaan attack, Keene orders the ship to "drop out of warp" and then prepare the "plasma cannons". This does not mean that plasma canons only work at sublight speeds, as we find out later that the Nausicaans are armed only with plasma canons as well. Fortunate's plasma canons knocked out Enterprise's long range sensors. Getting them back online took 4 hours. (Fortunate Son)

Plasma coils - When Reed ordered plasma coils they sent him a box of valve sealant instead. From the dialog, it would seem that plasma coils are part of the weapons systems (possibly needed for plasma canons?). (Broken Bow)

Plasma coolant - A shuttlepod is blown by wind shear into a cliff face, damaging it. Thruster damage and a plasma coolant leak caused the landing to be aborted. (Strange New World)

Plasma lightning - A phenomenon known to occur during plasma storms. The Enterprise was hit by a bolt of plasma lightning on the port bow, causing damage to "C-Deck, Subsection Four" and causing a power surge in the "impulse relays". (Cold Front)

Plasma storms - Enterprise encountered a plasma storm while investigating a stellar nursery. Captain Fraddock told them to avoid it. It got to be a bumpy ride and there was plasma lightning. (Cold Front)

Plasma weapon - The shuttlepod fires orange bursts ("plasma weapons") from two emitters, the rectangular features on each side of the nose. (Shadows of P'jem)

Plomeek - A traditional Vulcan food. In the mess hall, Crewman Cutler is sipping plomeek broth. (Strange New World) T'Pol eats plomeek broth as part of a traditional Vulcan breakfast. (Unexpected)

Plume of Agosoria, Great - SEE: Agosoria, Great Plume of

Pod - An abbreviated name for a number of small vessels. SEE: Shuttlepod; Lifepod

Porter, ensign - Switched quarters with Hoshi Sato. (Fight or Flight)

Porthos - Captain Archer's pet dog, a beagle. Hes named after one of the Three Musketeers from the series of novels by Alexandre Dumas, the 19th century French author. Porthos was the faithful companion who was more brawn than brains and concerned about his image and social station. When he's not in the captain's quarters, Porthos can usually be found in the ready room. (Broken Bow) Sometimes he can be seen following Archer around the ship, (Silent Enemy) or even in Landing parties. (Strange New World) Porthos likes to eat cheddar cheese but he and cheddar "don't get along". (Fight or Flight) He has even had to see the doctor on one occassion because of some GI distress caused by eating too much cheese. (Dear Doctor) Porthos can apparently detect cloaked Suliban. (Cold Front)

Positron flow (stream) - A purple robed humanoid asks about "positron flow in the dilithium matrix". Trip answers that a series of "magnetic constrictors" align the "positron stream", with automatic backups if any escape. During testing, both primary and backups were momentarily lost, and "about a billion" positrons drilled through three decks, almost causing a hull breach. A technical fix took a month to implement. (Cold Front)

Power relay - "Power relay J-37" malfunctions. Daniels uses a brass knuckle-like device to pass through the bulkhead to repair the relay. Relay J-37 is inside the bulkhead shown in the picture. (Cold Front) In August 2151, Trip and Reed spent a couple of hours together, swapping out the power relays in the Armory. (Silent Enemy)

Prah Mantoos - Humanoid who appeared to be the leader of the pilgrim-celebrants on their way to see the Great Plume of Agosoria. (Cold Front)

Prefrontal Cortex - Klaang's prefrontal cortex was hyperstimulated causing his conversation to not make any sense. (Broken Bow)

Priaxate - Suggested by Dr. Phlox to ease the symptoms of the Valakian illness, at least temporarily. Dear Doctor"

Profile Report - According to the Profile Report that Reed read on the Klingons, they sharpen their teeth before going into battle. (Broken Bow)

Protocysteine spore - An infection picked up by Trip and T'Pol while at the Rigel X trade complex. It was cured by a decon gel supplied by Dr. Phlox. (Broken Bow)

Protostar - Very young star, still forming out of its nebula. Enterprise discovered a protostar that wasn't on the Vulcan starcharts. (The Andorian Incident)

Protostar neutron burst - SEE: Agosoria, Great Plume of (Cold Front)

Pulsar grid - A stellar map using pulsars as reference points. Archer transmitted a pulsar grid to the Axanar ship to try to communicate the location of earth. (Fight or Flight)

Pulse rifle, Class 3 - A classification of weaponry. Ensign Sato is rated on class three pulse rifles. The rifle in the picture has been seen and used in Enterprise. (Cold Front) It is likely this is a pulse rifle. The rifle fires bolts rather than beams. (Fight or Flight)

Pyrithian Bat - An animal kept in Sickbay by Dr. Phlox. He won't eat anything once its dead, so Dr. Phlox was considering feeding "Sluggo" to it. (Fight or Flight) He sometimes talks to it, much like Archer talks to Porthos. (Dear Doctor)

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