Rank - Starfleet uses a system of pips, rectangular gold metal bars on the right side of the chest to designate rank as follows:

  • 4 pips - Captain (Archer)
  • 3 pips - Commander (Tucker)
  • 2 pips - Lieutenant (Reed)
  • 1 pip - Ensign (Mayweather & Sato)

    Ready Room - The captain's ready room is located on A deck and is accessible from the bridge. It is here that Captain Archer can privately talk to crew members and staff about anything from mission details to personal issues.

    Reed, Madeline (Paula Malcomson) - Malcolm's sister. She made the interesting observation that Malcolm's a hard person to get to know. Malcolm once told her that he "loved to eat octopus, especially the suction cups", but it is likely he was just joking. (Silent Enemy)

    Reed, Malcom (Dominic Keeting) - Armory officer on Enterprise. Reed's Birthday is on the second of September. His parents live in Kata Baharu, Malaysia and seem very British. They say that Malcolm has never been comfortable making requests, and so don't know what his favorite food is. Reed hasn't "called home" since he was assigned to Enterprise in San Francisco, and his parents didn't know he was the Armory officer. He comes from a long line of Naval men, and his father is apparently a bit miffed that he's broken the naval (Royal Navy) tradition of Reed men, by joining Starfleet and going into space. Alergies: dust mites, oak, pollen, tropical grasses, and bromelin. He's been taking injections so that he can tolerate bromelin in his favorite food which is pineapple. Relatives: Reed's grandfather was an ordinance officer. Reed's mom (Mary Reed), Reed's dad (Stuart Reed), He has an Uncle Arch, and two spinster aunts. Friends: Mark Latrelle Romances: Maureen (Silent Enemy)

    Reed, Mary (Jane Carr) - Malcolm's mother. (Silent Enemy)

    Reed, Stuart (Gary Siner) - Malcolm's father. (Silent Enemy)

    Riaan - an Akaali apothecary. (Civilization)

    Rigel X - An icy planet that was Klaang's last stop before crashing on Earth. The Enterprise visited this planet in search of Klaang and received information from a Suliban named Sarin. When it was first mentioned Archer did not seem to be familiar with the name Rigel. (Broken Bow)

    Ryan, Matthew - former First Officer of the ECS Fortunate. Ryan was one of the survivors of an apparently-well-known-among-Boomers unspecified disaster that befell the freighter "North Star"; his parents were lost (killed?). Keene busts Ryan down to "Able Crewman", at which rank he'll be flushing "hydraulic pumps". (Fortunate Son)

    Rotating frequencies - a procedure to make it more sure that an alien ship will pick up your transmission. (Fight or Flight)

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