Saint Peter's - During his time on earth, Dr. Phlox attended mass at St. Peter's. This would seem to indicate that Catholicism has survived until at least the 22nd century. (Cold Front)

Sakoro, Ensign - Dr. Phlox thinks that after exercising she smells like the adrenal gland of a Nausicaan. (Fight or Flight)

Sarin (Melinda Clarke) - A Suliban female who left the Kabal because she felt the price of evolution was too high. She sent a message via Klaang to the Klingon High Council revealing a Suliban plot to cause a civil war within the Empire. She has the ability to measure trust when in close contact with people. She kissed Archer to see if he could be trusted. After assuring herself he could, she then gave him information about the Suliban's involvement in a temporal cold war. Unfortunately, she was killed by Suliban agents but managed to help the Enterprise crew to escape. (Broken Bow)

Satellites, Manmade - Archer orders a scan for manmade satellites at (Strange New World). Reed reports "none within range". (Strange New World)

Sato, Hoshi, Ensign - Communications Officer for the Enterprise. An expert in exo-linguistics. She has a natural affinity for picking up languages. (Broken Bow) Exolinguist; graduated 2nd in her class; 3 years in Starfleet Training; She is cleared on the operation of EM sidearms and Class 3 pulse rifles. She was Archer's first choice for the position aboard NX-01. On both her training tours she had portside quarters. She had trouble sleeping when assigned starboard quarters on the Enterprise on E-deck, starboard section 5 - so she asked the captain and received permission to switch with ensign Porter to be on the port side of the ship. (Fight or Flight) Sato misses cooking and has a hotplate in her quarters. She can make enchiladas. (Silent Enemy)

Scan - It would appear that the Enterprise needs to be closer than 5000km to scan for biosigns on Axanar ships. (Fight or Flight)

Scan, Invasive - A scan which damages or alters in some way the object being scanned. Two crewmen were subjected to invasive scans by unknown aliens resulting in neurological damage. (Silent Enemy)

Scan, Submolecular - When Dr. Phlox discovers that the tropolisine "atoms" in crewman Novakovich each contain an extra neutron, the breakdown of which causes the compound to become toxic, he says that a submolecular scan would have detected them. (Strange New World)

Scanners, Targeting - SEE: Targeting Scanners

Scorch marks - On the Axanar ship they were comprised of a residue of oxidation and thermal shock effects indicative of a high yield particle impact (weapon's fire). (Fight or Flight)

Sensor - From 5000km they can read the components in an Axanar ship's hull. On the enemy ship they couldn't penetrate the shielding to tell what kind of weapons they had, but were able to tell once they charged them. (Fight or Flight) Enterprise's sensors can detect and count the humanoid "lifesigns" on a Minshara-class planet from 4.5-Ly. However, from a 500-km orbit, Enterprise's sensors can't distinguish between different types or species of humanoid lifesigns. SEE: Optical Sensor (Civilization)

Sensor grid, Internal - Daniels has equipment to detect Suliban, but it would be more effective if tied into the Enterprise's Internal Sensor grid in Main Engineering (he also needed Archer's command codes). After hooking up his device, Daniels needed an additional 20 megawatts routed to the "sensor grid"; over T'Pol's skepticism, Trip says the grid can handle it. (Cold Front)

Sensor, Handheld - The Starfleet handheld sensors can detect "neutrino emissions" (which requires something exotic to intercept particles with a tiny reaction cross-section, instead of the "several lightyears of lead to stop" a neutrino which is usually cited; a "subspace shadow" perhaps). They can perform a sufficiently detailed DNA scan to distinguish two humanoid species, from several meters with no contact. (Civilization) The readings on T'Pol's scanner are in Vulcan. Perhaps this is her own personal scanner. (Strange New World)

Sensors, Long Range - Fortunate's "plasma cannons" knocked out Enterprise's "long-range sensors". Getting them "back on-line" will take about four hours, Tucker estimates. The table GUI shows "loss of signal" on their track. Travis helps with the repairs in Engineering. He suggests "bypass circuit L-47". (Fortunate Son)

Service Junction 59 - Activity was detected on "B Deck", at "Service Junction 59". They could tell Someone was trying to obtain the "lock-out codes" for "Launch Bay 2". Archer enters a compartment full of pipes, hoses, and a few glowing conduits. (Cold Front)

Shenandoah - "Duval" (a mutual acquaintance of Trip and Archer) had gotten his own ship, the "Shenandoah"; Archer's glad "he's a hundred light years away". (Silent Enemy)

Shield modulations - Ryan tortures a Nausicaan to get their shield modulations so he can remodulate his weapons. (Fortunate Son)

Shran - Member of the Andorian Imperial Guard. (The Andorian Incident)

Shuttlepod (aka Pod) - A small pod-like ship intended for limited range missions such as landing on a planet, or other short-range space missions. The Enterprise’s 2 shuttle pods are released from a docking arm via a launchbay in the lower decks of the ship. Since transporters are only in wide use for cargo, shuttle pods are the usual means for personnel to get around. (Fight or Flight) Tucker preps the pod for the mission. The pod holds seven humans (not all seated) and a dog; There's plenty of camping gear in the pod, including 3 blue dome tents, cylindrical lanterns, crates, and even a teapot. It is unknown whether this camping gear is always stored in the pod or what is more likely, was packed for this specific mission. When the pod is blown by wind shear into a cliff face, it damaged the auxiliary landing thrusters, thruster four, and caused a plasma coolant leak. Archer aborts the landing. (Strange New World) Weapons: The shuttlepod fires orange bursts ("plasma weapons") from two emitters, the rectangular features on each side of the nose. (Shadows of P'jem)

Sickbay - Sickbay, the center of health care for the Enterprise, is located on E Deck. Dr. Phlox is the primary physician in charge of sickbay. Dr. Phlox keeps all kinds of alien remedies in sickbay as well as the normal sickbay equipment. (Broken Bow) about 2 weeks into the mission, it was found necessary to route more power to sickbay. (Fight or Flight) Sickbay is equipped with a medical scanning tube: it can read both organs and DNA. (Cold Front) Sickbay is closed on the night watch when Dr. Phlox leaves. (Dear Doctor)

Silik (John Fleck) - One of the leaders of the Suliban, a deadly species obsessed with genetic enhancement. (Broken Bow); (Cold Front)

Simulation J6 - A test of the targeting scanners. It consists of a target acquision followed by a simulated launch. When run on the malfunctioning system, in the simulation there was 5 seconds to impact but the missile was off by 3 meters. This corresponds to being off by only 0.02%, but in real life could mean the difference between hitting a weapons port or a warp core. (If 3 m = 0.02% then this would seem to indicate that the Enterprise has a "targeting window" of 150 meters for whatever range from the ship this simulation was designed for). (Fight or Flight)

Situation Room - The situation room is located on A Deck and is directly behind the bridge. The situation room can be used for ship meetings among the senior officers. These meetings can include everything from discussing the latest sensor readings to discussing how to infilrate a Suliban complex.

"Sluggo" - A snail like life form. It was the only lifeform found within the first two weeks of Enterprise's mission. Its gender (or even if it has one) is not known. It had trouble adapting to the stress of being removed from its argon-rich native environment. It hardly moved and was not eating. Dr. Phlox tried an argon lamp and also prepared a nutrients comprised of protein concentrate to try to whet its appetite but nothing worked. Dr. Phlox wanted to feed it to his bat, but Hoshi prevailed upon the captain to make a detour so they could leave it on a planet that approximated the conditions of its homeworld. (Fight or Flight)

Sopek - Captain of the Ni'Var and senior Vulcan officer in the Coridan sector. The Andorians keep a close watch on him. T'Pol is wounded when she saves his life. He has to meet with the Vulcan High Command 3 days later and it seems he must have persuaded them to let T'Pol stay on Enterprise. (Shadows of P'jem)

Soval (Gary Graham) - Vulcan male. An ambassador and diplomat that has very little patience with Captain Archer. The young Archer called him Ambassador "Pointy". (Broken Bow)

Spacedock - There must be spacedock facilities near Jupiter Station since Trip was referring to work to be done at Jupiter Station as work to be done in a spacedock. (Silent Enemy)

"Squeek" - strange sound that Archer claimed was coming from under the deck plating in his ready room. (Fight or Flight)

Starfleet - Human space exploration program based in San Fransisco, Earth. It's headed by Admiral Forrest. (Broken Bow) Starfleet assigned Enterprise its course. (Fight or Flight)

Starfleet Medical - This is where they took the injured Klaang and where Admiral Forrest wanted Archer to meet him to discuss his situation. Also there appears to be aliens participating in the Interspecies Medical Exchange program assigned here as that is where they met Dr. Phlox. (Broken Bow)

Starlog - Archer makes a "captain's starlog" entry. (Fight or Flight)

Stellar Nursery - T'Pol detected a Stellar Nursery along their course; Trip once saw one in the "big lens" outside Anchorage. (Fight or Flight) Enterprise changed course to investigate a stellar nursery in which they detected "several ships". Location: The nursery is described as being "not far from here".Archer and T'Pol also explain that Enterprise has been underway for 4 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days. (Considering the scarcity of Stellar Nurseries this is presumably the same one T'Pol saw in "Fight or Flight". Also it is hard to match this up with any currently known astronomical body. Perhaps this particular nursery is behind another object, like Rigel for instance, in our night sky.) (Cold Front)

Strange New World - An unnamed MinShara class planet with two moons. There are no marker buoys, beacons, or manmade satellites within Enterprise's scanner range. Location: Shortly after disembarking from their shuttle, Archer comments on their 3 weeks in deep space to get there. Later, Trip, during his hallucination-induced paranoia refered to being 6 weeks into their mission. Atmosphere: 17% oxygen, 81% nitrogen, With her scanner, T'Pol identifies "trace elements" of Nitrogen Dioxide and Chloromethane. High winds can get up to around 80kph. Geography: Archer decides to land in the Northern continent because he "likes the looks of it." There are mountains to the southwest of the landing area where plants with hallucinogenic spores grow. There are caves less than half a kilometer from the landing site with cave walls composed of limestone and cormaline. Flora and Fauna: A diverse ecology with no sign of humanoid life. The planet also has a diverse insect population, including some that glow like fireflies. Cutler scans small fishlike creatures in a river. The landing party detected nocturnal marsupials. Flowering plants produce tropolisine and a toxin which is activated when stray neutrons in the tropolisine decays. This powerful hallucinogen is released into the air during high winds on the planet. (Strange New World)

Subspace amplifier - The subspace amplifier is cylindrical in form. In stowed form, two semicylindrical panels (solar collectors? radiators?) wrap around a narrow lower cylinder, which is topped by a wider upper cylinder, then a dish antenna. After deployment, the panels hinge out on arms (and remain parallel to the main body), and the dish pivots downward. It is dropped while in normal space, from a circular port, possibly built for this express purpose, on the underside of the port pontoon". (Silent Enemy) As part of its mission, the Enterprise deploys its first "subspace amplifier" in order to improve communications. At this point in time it would seem that a ship can't function as its own relay station, and that the amplifier can not be activated aboard ship, but has to be dumped overboard to function. Perhaps the ship's engines create some interference or the amplifier generates a dangerous radiation field. Since the amp can improve communications even when dropped right next to the ship, it cannot be just a simple repeater-type relay buoy. A repeater relay ought to make a difference only if it sits somewhere between the transmitter and the receiver, not if it's next to one of them. (Fortunate Son) Enterprise drops "Echo Two", a subspace amplifier in a "clean launch" 100 lightyears from earth, it very quickly makes contact with "Echo One". Archer asks how long before subspace is on line, to which Hoshi replies that it will take about an hour since she wants to send some test transmissions to "calibrate" the amplifiers. Realtime video communication with earth is seen to be possible at this distance. Both amps were both destroyed by unknown aliens. Two days travel at maximum warp got the Enterprise back to a position where they could relaunch another amplifier. Ignoring the wf3 formula, from (Broken Bow) this would appear to be approximately fifteen light years, since that is how long and how far the sidetrip to Rigel was for them. This would also mean that there should be an already existing comm-net extending out from earth in the direction of Enterprise at least 60 lightyears, and possibly further. (Silent Enemy)

Subspace displacement field - produced by the warp coils. (Cold Front)

Subspace noise - Mayweather tells a ghost story in which people think they hear a distress call from an "empty" lifepod. One possible explanation he gives was that it might have been subspace noise. (Strange New World)

Subspace Transceiver Array - SEE: Transceiver

Suliban - A somewhat primitive species that is no more evolved than humans, from sector 3641. They were no threat until around 2151 when they become involved with a mysterious figure from the future which has given them genetic manipulation technology in exchange for their service in a temporal cold war. They are obsessed with genetic enhancement (possibly a connection here to the paranoia associated with the Eugenics Wars?). Their DNA is still recognizable as Suliban but their genome has been changed enough to support an altered anatomy. Some of their enhancements include - Compound Retinas, subcutaneous pigment sacks, 5 lobed lungs (their lungs normally have 3) with aveoli clusters designed to process different atmospheres. (Broken Bow) Suliban genetic enhancements can be removed; in particular, enhanced vision. (Silik undergoes surgery in a fuzzy-time room while a fuzzy-figure watches, as punishment for not succeeding with the Klingon civil war gambit.); The Suliban can evade most sensors. They can turn invisible. (Cold Front)

Supernova - Star that explodes. Only stars that are approximately 3 times heavier than our sun go supernova naturally. Lighter stars go nova. Enterprise encounters a J'ral class supernova remnant. (Civilization)

"Sweet Spot" - A region of zero g that exists on almost every ship. It is usually located about halfway between the gravity generator and the bow plate. (Broken Bow)

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