Tachyon radiation - To Archer, Silik claims he's detected "tachyon radiation", and because Ent has no systems that emit it, knows another temporal agent is present. (Cold Front)

Tainer - Dr. Phlox thought that Bennett and Tainer were preparing to mate and wanted to watch. (Fight or Flight)

Tal-Shanar - Religious ceremonies held at the Vulcan Consulate. (Cold Front)

Targeting access - Reed tells Mayweather to rotate the targeting access by 0.5 microns to try to correct a malfunction in the system. (Fight or Flight)

Targeting scanners, weapons - Reed says he has to "tune" the targetting scanners to get the weapons working. (Broken Bow) There are fore and aft targetting scanners. After alignment, simulation J-6 is activated to test them. With the scanners out of alignment it is possible to hit stationary targets, but not moving ones. (Fight or Flight) SEE: simulation J-6, infrared scanner

Targeting sensor, Starboard - The "starboard targeting sensor" goes out "again". Reed exits the bridge by the forward starboard passage, and returns two minutes later. (presumably having repaired the problem). (Cold Front)

Taylor - Unseen character; Daniel's roommate. (Cold Front)

Tea - A beverage prepared by taking the dried leaves of a plant and soaking them in boiling water. Tea is a common drink aboard Enterprise. Captain Archer and Commander Tucker drink iced tea with dinner (Fight or Flight) SubCommander T'Pol prefers hot green tea. Tucker advises that she avoid the Zariphean blend. (Breaking the Ice) The Akaali also drink tea. (Civilization)

Tellarite - Garos asks if a certain "fat Tellarite trader" tipped Archer off as to his operation. Archer makes no reaction to the name. (Civilization)

Temporal Accord - According to Daniels, all species that had time travel agreed in a Temporal Accord it would only be used for research. Daniels points out a group from 2769 watching the construction of the pyramids and fully obeying the terms of the Accord, so it is assumed the agreement was ratified before that date. However, when time-travel is involved, dates lose their significance, so it's not sure whether this is accurate. (Cold Front)

Temporal Anthropologists - Temporal anthropologists from 2769 were watching the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. It is not known if this refers to them watching from their own time period or an actual visitation in which they keep their presence secret. (Cold Front

Temporal chamber - A room in the Suliban Helix that connects two different time periods for communication. Silik uses the temporal chamber to receive orders from and report to the humanoid figure. In the chamber, the flow of time and the usual rules of causality are altered. (Broken Bow)

Temporal Cold War - A conflict fought by proxy through time travel. The Suliban Kabal are soldiers in a temporal cold war. (Broken Bow) Daniel's side believes that the 22nd century is a front in the "temporal cold war". (Cold Front)

Temporal Observatory - Daniels pulls an ovoid suitcase from his locker and removes an ovoid device. Activated, he calls the surrounding holographic display "a temporal observatory". He identifies one node as anthropologists from 2769 watching the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. (Cold Front)

Tenebian moon - A natural satellite of the Tenebian planet. Ensign Mayweather has visited both of the Tenebian moons. (Broken Bow)

Tenebian Skunk - Ryan claims that one of the kids aboard Fortunate has a "Tenebian skunk". (Fortunate Son)

Termites - A type of pale-colored social insect having soft bodies and living in colonies composed of winged forms that mate and sterile wingless workers and soldiers. There are 5000 subspecies of termites on Loracus Prime. (Strange New World)

Terra Nova - SEE: Novans

Tetracyanate six two two - Phlox determines that the disfiguring disease that some of the Akaali are suffering from is caused by contamination of the groundwater. They are being poisoned by "tetracyanate 6-2-2"; it's a toxic synthetic compound usually used as an industrial lubricant. Archer reports that "a veridium isotope" is being mined, and the drill bits are saturated with tetracyanate. The molecular structure on his monitor has a highly branched structure and has three 6-sided rings. Presumably, it was Dr. Phlox who provided the medicine that will cure the Akaali; only one dose is needed. (Civilization)

Thermosphere - The part of a planet's atmosphere above the mesopause, characterized by a great rise in temperature. (Broken Bow)

Tholia - An unknown proper noun spoken by Klaang while delirious in the Enterprise sickbay in 2151. (Broken Bow)

Throttle - The equipment that controls the output of an engine, and therefore, the speed of a ship. (Broken Bow)

Thruster - A propulsion device used for maneuvering and slow movement. After taking a hit from the Suliban hand weapons, the starboard thruster on the shuttlepod goes out. The crew manages to take off and make it back to the ship anyway. (Since there are 4 thrusters on the shuttle, and assuming that there needs to be at least two thrusters operating on opposite sides for the shuttle to maneuver and fly, the "starboard thruster" probably only refers to thruster #4.) (Broken Bow) When the shuttlepod tries to land in the windstorm, "thruster four" is knocked out, (all four throats still glow blue, so either this was only an instrument error, or perhaps the thruster was still working but control of it was lost). (Strange New World)

Time Chamber - A room where a mysterious figure from the future gives orders to the Suliban. In the chamber everything exists slightly out of phase. (Broken Bow)

Time lock - A room connecting the temporal chamber to the rest of the Suliban Helix. The time lock acclimates personnel to the altered space-time within the chamber. (Broken Bow)

Ti'Mur - A Suurok-class Vulcan starship under the command of Vanik. The Ti'Mur observed Enterprise at Archer's Comet in 2151, where it also served to relay messages between Sub-Commander T'Pol and Koss. The Ti'Mur was launched no later than 2136, since Vanik took command at that time. (Breaking the Ice)

Titan - The largest moon of Saturn. Starfleet's Omega training mission was held on Titan. (Strange New World)

Torpedo - A self-propelled projectile used to attack enemy ships. According to Reed, it only takes "moments" to arm a few torpedos. (Fight or Flight) The number "0298166" can be seen stenciled on a torpedo. (Silent Enemy)

Torpedo tube - A tube for launching torpedoes. Enterprise has four torpedo tubes on the underside of it's saucer and one aft-facing tube in it's external pod. (Fight or Flight) Archer made reference to a "port" and "starboard" tube, which would suggest that the ship only has two forward tubes, but there are clearly four holes at the appropriate location.

Tos (Thomas Kopache) - Vulcan male. Ambassador Soval's assistant and a member of the Vulcan delegation on Earth. He shares Soval's distain for human culture (character name is a homage to The Original Series - TOS). (Broken Bow)

T'pol, SubCommander (Jolene Blalock) - The Vulcan science officer on Enterprise. T'Pol was betrothed to Koss as a child. (Breaking the Ice) She's been on 36 Minshara-Class planets. (Strange New World) In 2150 she was assigned to the Vulcan Compound on Earth. When Enterprise was launched early to return Klaang to Kronos in 2151, T'Pol was assigned to monitor the mission in exchange for Vulcan starcharts. After the mission was successfully completed, T'Pol chose to remain aboard the ship. (Broken Bow) Her assignment to Enterprise was supposed to last only 8 days; she was there as both an observer and to "represent the interests of the Vulcan people". She wasn't the first Vulcan to be posted aboard a human ship, but none of her predecessors lasted more than a few weeks; (as of this episode, she's lasted "over six months"). (Shadows of P'jem) She postponed her wedding to Koss in order to continue aboard Enterprise, but received covert communications about this issue through nearby Vulcan ships. A few months after T'Pol came aboard Enterprise, Koss's parents issued an ultimatum regarding the postponed marriage, as Commander Tucker discovered when he found T'Pol's secret transmissions. After reluctantly confiding in Tucker, T'Pol chose to break with tradition and not return to Vulcan for the wedding. T'Pol typically tries to maintain Vulcan traditional behavior, and even received special permission for lighted meditation candles in her quarters. Her conflicts with Koss have lead her to slowly begin experimenting with human ideas. (Breaking the Ice) T'Pol claims she can survive without water "for several days"; She uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on Mayweather. (Strange New World) She is not familiar with early Earth space expeditions. (Terra Nova) Phlox detected tooth decay (in an anterior tricuspid) in T'pol, who protests it's impossible; since 23 years earlier, her teeth were sealed with a trifluorinate compound. Phlox guesses normal wear-and-tear (most likely due to the Pecan Pie). (Dear Doctor)

Tractor beam - A piece of advanced technology allowing for the remote manipulation of objects. While humans have yet to develop tractor beam technology, Klingons (Unexpected) and Vulcans have it. (Breaking the Ice)

Trade complex - A building made up of interconnecting structures for the business of buying and selling commodities. The trade complex on Rigel X has 36 levels with docking ports on the roof (the Enterprise shuttlepod was at docking port 3). It is regulated by Central Security. On level 19 in the easternmost subsection by the geothermal shafts is a Klingon enclave, and live food is available there. This was the location of a meeting between Klaang and Sarin in 2151. Captain Archer led a landing party down to the trade complex in an attempt to locate the kidnapped Klaang. (Broken Bow)

Transceiver - A device functioning both as a transmitter and/or a receiver as required. The transceiver was found to be intact on the Axanar ship. (Fight or Flight) Commander Tucker discovered that T'Pol was receiving covert communications when he noticed a power surge in Enterprise's transceiver array. (Breaking the Ice) Hoshi was running a diagnostic of the subspace transceiver array after the launch of Echo two, their second subspace-amplifier. (Silent Enemy)

Transfer Conduits - The two horizontal conduits, of rectangular cross-section, at the "control panel" end of the warp reactor (the big cylinder). The antimatter input is through these. (Cold Front)

Translation matrix - By running speech through the translation matrix it makes it easier for alien species to decipher and understand. (Fight or Flight) Commander Tucker had to run Sub-Commander T'Pol's Vulcan messages through the translation matrix before reading them. (Breaking the Ice)

Transport Vessel - Enterprise encounters a transport vessel while investigating a stellar nursery. The transport vessel is much smaller than Enterprise It is transporting pilgrims to witness the Great Plume of Agosoria. Archer extends an invitation to its captain (Fraddock) and its passengers to come aboard the Enterprise It extends a tube and docks to a port on the starboard edge of the saucer. (Cold Front)

Transporter - Matter/energy transposition device used primarily for the safe and almost instantaneous transport of personnel and hardware. The Enterprise's transporter is located directly off a corridor on D Deck. The transporter is a device that compresses the molecular components of an object into a datastream and beams it to another location. It has only recently been approved for biotransport, a fact that the crew members are uncomfortable with. It has been said that Captain Archer wouldn't even put his dog, Porthos, through the transporter. (Broken Bow) Ryan refers to rumors about transport of humans: that for a split second, you can feel yourself in both locations. Travis implies this is why he's anxious to try it, although most of Enterprise's crew is afraid. (Fortunate Son) The Enterprise's transporter effect consists of blue-tinged white sparkles, with a vertical sweep and a swirl at the center, as though the matter were going down (or coming up from) a drain. The effect takes about 3 seconds. The transporter can be recycled, from "receive" to "transmit", almost immediately about 3 seconds. (Civilization) Twenty meters of ice are sufficient to interfere with transporter operations. (Breaking the Ice)

Transporter Malfunctions - Integration of environmental elements into the subject's body: Reed beams up Novakovich from the midst of a windstorm. He reports "contaminants in the matter stream" that the "phase discriminator can't isolate". Novakovich materializes with leaves and leaf-sized pebble-shaped things embedded in his skin. (Strange New World)

Trena’L - The commander of the Xyrillian ship Tucker helps repair. (Unexpected)

Triaxialating Signal - Hoshi can not trace an audio-only transmission from Coridan rebels, since its a triaxialating signal. (Shadows of P'jem)

Tricyclic plasma drive - Suliban ships utilize tricyclic plasma drives. Very hard to track unless your sensors can pick up and analyse plasma decay. (Broken Bow)

Triglobulin - Material released into the Axanar bloodstream by their zymuth gland. It is similar to human lymphatic fluid and is used to create medicines, and vaccines. It is quite a common practice for some species to even use it as an aphrodisiac. The NX-01 happened upon a derelict ship that an alien race had attacked. They left behind a biopump that was being used to collect triglobulin from the 15 Axanar corpses which were found there. (Fight or Flight)

Trillius Prime - A planet. Ensign Mayweather has been to Trillius Prime. (Broken Bow)

Tropolisine - A "psychotropic compound with hallucinogenic effects"; it's normally found in certain flowering plants. It is carried on pollen. Each tropolisine atom contains an extra neutron. A submolecular scan would've detected them. When this neutron breaks down, a toxin is released that is fatal if not treated soon with inaproviline. An Enterprise landing party suffered from tropolisine hallucinations in 2151. (Strange New World)

Tucker III, Commander Charles "Trip"(Connor Trinneer) - Chief Engineer for the Enterprise. "Trip" Tucker was born around 2119 on Earth. He grew up in the Florida Keys, but traveled to many other places on the planet. (Unexpected) His favorite food is pan-fried catfish. (Silent Enemy) He was never good in history class: Tucker says Vulcan expeditions are required learning for Earth school children but can't remember a single one. (Terra Nova) He has been in Starfleet 12 years (joined about 2139). (Unexpected) When he first joined starfleet Tucker lived a few blocks from the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito. He's only been to one other inhabited planet besides earth, and there was nothing there but dust-dwelling tics. (Broken Bow) Tucker met Jonathan Archer 8 years ago (about 2143), and the two became friends while serving together. Archer saved Tucker's life 4 years ago (about 2147). (Unexpected) During the Omega training mission on Titan, the engineer was stricken with nitrogen narcosis and nearly removed his helmet until Archer ordered him to leave it on. (Strange New World) Tucker signed aboard Enterprise for the adventure of exploring. (Fight or Flight) When Enterprise discovered a damaged Xyrillian ship, Tucker effected repairs and spent time with alien engineer Ah'Len. He was impregnated by her, the first recorded pregnancy in a human male. Enterprise tracked down the Xyrillians and the fetus was removed at Tucker's request. (Unexpected) Tucker discovered coded messages being received by T'Pol. They turned out to be very personal. T'Pol asked his advice on the matter and he was instrumental in her decision to remain aboard Enterprise rather than leaving to comply with the obligations of an arranged marriage. (Breaking the Ice) grandma: taught Trip never to judge a species by their eating habits. (Broken Bow) Grandpa saw the 1st transmissions from Terra Nova when he was a kid. (Terra Nova)

Turbolift - An elevator aboard starships that travels through vertical and horizontal turboshafts to reach many destinations. (Broken Bow) Trip tells Archer he might need an engineer to help him figure out how to use the turbolifts on the alien ship. (Fight or Flight) Trip and T'Pol take the turbolift; Trip presses a single button for their destination. (Cold Front)

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