Valakis - M class planet, which is slowly being destroyed by an unknown disease. They sent teams of astronauts out into space in pre-warp shuttles, hoping to tell someone about the plight of their planet. The planet is inhabited by two indigenous and completely different species, called the Valakii and the Menk. They have previously been visited by other warp-capable races, including the M'klexans and the Ferengi. (Dear Doctor)

"Vampire Aliens" - (For lack of anything else to call them.) These are the aliens who attacked and were attempting to drain the Axanar of their triglobulin. One was killed with a lethal dose of chloraxine, and three were done in by particle weapons. The damage to the Axanar ship was also consistant with high-yeild particle impact weapons. They have advanced technology on their ship. The Enterprise detected them approaching at a distance of 60000km and it took them 10 minutes (maybe less) to close that distance. The Enterprise's sensors were not able to penetrate their shielding to be able to tell what kind of weapons they had, but they were able to tell when they charged them. The aliens are capable of performing submolecular bioscans. Their ships can emit a "stabilizing" beam that captures their enemy and disrupts their propulsions systems. They fired a green beam which damaged and completely depolarized the port nacelle. When the distance between ships closed to 10 meters the aliens began drilling into the hull. Their vessel's power signature matched scans of the biopumps they left on the Axanar ship. (Fight or Flight)

Vanik (William Utay) - Vulcan captain. (Breaking the Ice)

Vegetarian - T'Pol is a Vegetarian. (Broken Bow)

Velik - In Trip's tenth grade biology class, Mr. Velik was a Vulcan who came to teach about other worlds. Velik was the first Vulcan Trip ever met and he "scared the hell" out of him. Velik used to say "Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you." (Strange New World)

Venting ports - the hull breaches and scorch marks around the hatch of the Axanar ship were at first mistaken for venting ports. (Fight or Flight)

Ventral plating - When they were in an orbital pod viewing the outside of the ship before the launch of Enterprise, Trip said that the Ventral Plating team should be done in 3 days. Archer was concerned that the color match that of the nacelle housing (it is assumed that this has something to do with the polarizable hull plating that acts as shields for the Enterprise). (Broken Bow)

Veridium isotope - Archer reports that "a veridium isotope" is being mined, and the drill bits are saturated with tetracyanate. (Civilization)

Viewscreen - It appears to be divided into cells, each designated by a letter and number. For example, A-4 corresponds to the aft center view of the viewscreen. (Unexpected)

Voo-Sinteel - A red "spirit" traditionally consumed as the plume of Agosoria reaches its full brilliance. (Cold Front)

Vulcans - Humanoid race native to the planet Vulcan (Broken Bow) or Vulcanis. At Archer's question, "does the sky ever get this blue on Vulcan?", T'Pol answers, "occasionally"; There are no ghost stories on Vulcan. (Strange New World) Archer asks T'pol how Vulcans dealt with aliens during their early exploration; she claims there were fewer warp-capable species then. (Silent Enemy) T'Pol says "Vulcans have a code of behavior and they try to obey it." (Fight or Flight) In 2063, the Vulcans make first contact with humans (Star Trek: First Contact) and guided, or sheltered, them for the next 100 years. (Broken Bow)

Vulcan Consulate - A place on Earth where Tal-Shanar religious ceremonies are held. (Cold Front)

Vulcan High Command - Archer refers to the Vulcan High Command. (Strange New World)

Vulcan Physiology - Vulcan females have a heightened sense of smell. (Broken Bow)

Vulcan Protocols - When Archer insists on boarding the Axanar vessel, T'Pol says there were "a number of protocols we haven't tried." (Fight or Flight) T'Pol stiffly suggests they follow Vulcan Protocols, which dictate sending automated probes to the surface; if the planet proves to be Minshara-class ("suitable for humanoid life", explains Sato), they'd next conduct a geophysical scan from orbit; in total, 6-7 days. (Strange New World) It is a Vulcan protocol, but not Starfleet, to delay contact until a civilization achieves warp travel. (Civilization)

Vulcan Science Directorate - T'Pol claims that the "Vulcan Science Directorate" has studied time travel extensively, and has found no evidence that it exists or can exist. (Cold Front)

Vulcan Spirituality - T'Pol claims Vulcan spirituality is based on "logic and the pursuit of clarity". (Cold Front)

Vulcan Database - A database given to Enterprise in exchange for them accepting T'Pol as an observer and representative of Vulcan interests on their crew. The Vulcan database contains starcharts and other information. (Sleeping Dogs)

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