"Broken Bow" - "Enterprise" series premiere
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idea as it will add some depth to these characters and I envision some interesting interactions between them. My only concern is that they not ignore the other characters in favor of these three like they did in TOS.

Trinneer is good in the part. He seems to be a little too confident but as with all the characters, he is not "perfect" and this bodes well for character development as I suspect we will see these characters grow and not remain static.

Linda Park as Communications Officer Ensign Hoshi Sato
At the Communications post and with a knack for deciphering new alien languages, it seems that she will have a bigger role than Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) of TOS. In this premiere episode, she certainly behaves like an Ensign. She is aware of and uncomfortable with every sound or movement the ship makes. She is clearly afraid of the Klingon, Klaang (Tommy "Tiny" Lister who incidentally did a great job as the big, burly Klingon). Again, she is not a perfect character and in fact is quite refreshing. Linda Park and as Sato is quite charming and will certainly add to the show.

John Billingsley as Chief Medical Officer Doctor Phlox
This character reminds me a great deal of Voyager's Neelix and I suspect will become somewhat annoying. It's yet to see. He is interesting and seems quite knowledgeable. Can't say whether I like or don't like him. I guess time will tell.

Dominic Keating as Armory Officer Lt. Malcolm Reed
Again a character with an accent; British this time, adding a nice feel to the show. He seems low key and this is fine.

Anthony Montgomery as Helmsman Ensign Travis Mayweather
At the helm he seems quite competent. He is an Ensign and it shows. He likes the "sweet spot" of the ship and likes to sleep in zero-g gravity. Cute as a button and seems like he will add a touch of innocence to the show.

Beagle dog as Porthos, Captain Archer's dog
Adds a nice cute factor to the show.

Enterprise NX-01
I realize this isn't a character but is worth mentioning. It seems a bit advanced for the time but I personally prefer it this way. It's a good looking ship and I can't wait to know her better.

Overall, this is a great cast. I like all the characters although I reserve judgment on Dr. Phlox. They have good chemistry together and seem like good actors.

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